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  1. TudorBlue


    That's all I was asking for, just to be pointed in the right direction
  2. TudorBlue


    How? I need to be pointed in the right direction. Thanks @Zack 47
  3. TudorBlue


    Is it possible to cheat on ps3 games on a jailbroken ps3? I used to uses a trainer on my modded RGH 360 and was wondering of there were any trainers or similar for the ps3? Thanks in advance guys
  4. Well when I tried to re flash my kernel, I could dump my nand ok but after I had used xellbuild and built a new nand every time I went to press a to flash it, it juSt kicked me out to nxe. I gave it a few tries and it was the same each time. I then did some googling. Sorry if I've offended mate, that wasn't my intention and your help is always appreciated
  5. I updated to 17148 via xbl then switched nands and updated my kernal to 17148, all sorted now, spot on. Thanks mate, Edit..............still dont know if Im ready for Aurora. FSD is so user friendly, its unreal. I need to look into Aurora properly. I did install Aurora last week but not properly as I still had FSD showing up when I restarted my console. I realise that Aurora is probably the way forward
  6. Im on kernel 16767 I will redo everything tonight. Which is the best tutorial to follow??
  7. Having some trouble here. Im trying to update dashlaunch. I have updated my FSD and have downloaded this latest version of dashlaunch, I FTP'd the dashlaunch folder to my hdd, I navigate through to the dash launch folder through file manager then to either installer or debug folders (same happens whichever one I use) then default.xex the screen just goes blank?? Nothing happens, dashlaunch doesnt load. Any help with this will be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance guys
  8. worked like a dream, thanks Swizzy. edit, going to try Aurora again, how much better than FSD is it?? tried installing it the other night but when i restarted my jtag, FSD would come up.
  9. Need a spot of assistance here. Im on the latest kernal 16767. Everything works as it should EXCEPT, I cannot get out of FSD. I am trying to get into my system settings so I can transfer some avavtar items over but when I press the guide button on the controller and select system settings, it just loops back to FSD. Even if I press the "Y" button, it just loops back to FSD. How can I get to my system settings?? I used to be able to but since I have updated everything, kernal etc, I cannot. Any help with this will be very much appreciated (as always guys!), thanks in advance
  10. Will look into it today. Need to take time and read through the tutorials as I must have missed something. Think my kernal is outdated anyway and needs updating, Im still on 16537, been a while since I last updated so will have to look back at the tutorial section.
  11. Hi guys, very new to Auroa and Im having some issues. Firstly, I have installed aurora and configured dashlaunch and set the path in dashlaunch to HDD/Aurora0.3b,Aurora.xex, pressed back and fine, Aurora appeared. However, when I press the guide button on my controller, I see "Freestyke Home", when I reboot my console, Freestyle dash appears again. Also what UI have noticed is even though I have every game cover for games in my 360 game library, some of them are missing in aurora, I have tried scanning but some of the covers are still missing. Any help with this would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance guys
  12. Now Ive got two drives, one formatted on my xbox so might use this for profiles, dlc etc Sent From A Samsung Android So Have A Nice Day
  13. Bl4k3y, I couldnt get that one to work, kept on getting error messages when I tried to run it. I used the verbatim fat 32 formatting tool and it worked a treat. Sent From A Samsung Android So Have A Nice Day
  14. Once again you come to my help irishdave. it comes up as mounted when I connect it, but as I said, it just doesnt show up. Thanks I will take you advice
  15. Just bought a new 640gb 2.5 external hard drive. I formatted it to FAT 32, then transferred all my games to it. Plugged it into my jtag but its not showing up. I have even tried reinstalling fsd but its not worked. Any help with this will be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance guys
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