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  1. TheCodeMan

    MultiDisc Games

    Forgive me but I'm new to the JTAG/RGH scene. What does the content folder tell you? Are you saying if the discs have content folders, they can be grouped together? What about difference between SP and MP discs, treat them as separate games? How can you determine this from just an iso? How about an install disc vs play disc? Again, how can you tell from just the iso?
  2. TheCodeMan

    MultiDisc Games

    Perhaps you can shed some more light on this? If you have just the iso, how can you identify what type of game? Are you talking about extracting the iso and using the structure to make this determination?
  3. TheCodeMan

    MultiDisc Games

    I know that running multidisc games has been covered many times in the forum. My question is has anyone run across a list or is there anyone working on identifying the multidisc games and what method of install to use? I understand there are several methods depending on the type of game, SP or MP, install and play disc, or game that spans multiple discs. It would be nice if someone had already gone to the trouble to compile a compatibility list. If not, I guess I'll start working on one. Based on the number of multidisc threads, I think this would be useful info so people don't have to reinvent the wheel.
  4. TheCodeMan

    Make Aurora Default Dash

    Nevermind, I'm an idiot. I was saving the ini file incorrectly.
  5. TheCodeMan

    Make Aurora Default Dash

    So I do have Dashlaunch installed. If I go into DL and set the default path to the Aurora XEX, it will work fine until I reboot. When I reboot the default dash loads and I have to start the process over by running XEXMenu first. Is there a certain order these apps have to be installed? Perhaps a certain location? I have all launchers, Aurora, DL and Freestyle installed under a folder called Dashboards on the root of the hard drive. It's as if Dashlaunch isn't saving my settings even though I tell it to.
  6. TheCodeMan

    Make Aurora Default Dash

    These are the launchers I have under my Dashboards directory. I believe DL30 is what I'm looking for. Does it need to be moved to the root or can I leave it as is?
  7. TheCodeMan

    Make Aurora Default Dash

    So this is all I see when I look at the root and HDD1 root via FTP. I'm missing the ini file. I have to launch XEXMenu manually under Games. I'm guessing that has something to do with it.
  8. TheCodeMan

    Make Aurora Default Dash

    I'm sure this is in the forums somewhere. I've done some searches and come up empty but I know it can be done. I have an RGH Jasper running XEXMenu 1.1, Latest version of Aurora, DashLaunch and Freestyle. For the life of me I can't figure out or find documentation on how to set Aurora as the default. I'm assuming it has to be done with XEXMenu since that is what I have to launch each time I want to run Aurora. I'm hoping a JTAG veteran can share a quick link to get me up to speed. On a side note, I looked through several of the FAQs and unless I overlooked it, I didn't see any references for doing this. It would be a great addition to a pinned Aurora FAQ.
  9. TheCodeMan

    Issue with Aurora not Showing FTp'ed Games

    Maybe this info will help someone else out. Stupidly, I had accidentally downloaded a game into the root of my games drive, Assassins Creed 2 by the looks of it. I combed through the folders and deleted any non-game specific folders as well as any loose file in the Games directory and all is working well. Thanks Mattie for pointing me in the right direction.
  10. TheCodeMan

    Issue with Aurora not Showing FTp'ed Games

    So are there any dependencies that Aurora requires to just do a basic scan and detect games in a folder? As I mentioned above, I now cannot see any games in my Games folder using Aurora unless I add an individual scan path to each game. In that case it works fine. Is Aurora data cached somewhere outside of the Aurora folder?
  11. TheCodeMan

    Issue with Aurora not Showing FTp'ed Games

    So yeah, weird stuff going on. I deleted Aurora from the HD. The only folder left was plugins and it was empty. I then copied a fresh install over to the HD and rebooted. I specified the scan path again, pretty straight forward, \Xbox360\System\Hdd1\Games. It scanned and found a single game, Assassins Creed II. I actually had a folder there as a placeholder but no game. So I deleted the folder completely from the Xbox HD. Did another rescan. It still populated Assassins Creed. I specified paths to two individual games, both located in the Games directory and they loaded fine. This makes no sense to me. Deleting the Aurora folder should have deleted the DB including all game entries. Where else could this data be stored?
  12. I have a RGH'ed Jasper 360 that I added a 2TB drive to and configured from scratch. I added XexMenu, Aurora and FreestyleDash. I have been ripping discs to the drive with no issues. Aurora sees them and I have automatic scanning set. The problem is when I FTP games over. For some reason, none of the games will show up in Aurora. They show in FSD just fine. I can launch them from the file menu in Aurora, but they just don't show up in the interface. Any ideas what I could check or what I might be doing wrong? I have loaded dash launch but I have not gotten around to configuring it yet. I wouldn't think that would cause this issue with Aurora though. I also read through all 37 pages of the support forum and while there are a number of topics related to missing games, none seemed to apply to this case.