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Found 21 results

  1. Hey guys , Hope you all are doing great! I thought so many times before making this thread that wether i should post in some old ones or i should make a new one but finally i decided to make one so that everyone having similar questions in their mind like me can get thier answers straight. So the thing is about Multiple Disc Games which i came to know are of three types 1. Install/Play 2. Play/Play & 3. Unique Scenarios Talking about the second case which is Play/Play Discs I am done with almost half of Max Payne 3(Extracted from ISO to XEX format) playing through Aurora .6b and to play the next chapter the games asks me that a (Disc Change : Insert Disc 2 to Contine) swap is going to be required which i select as yes and disc swap pop-up disappears and after a couple of seconds of game dramatic video of the next chapter game freezes! I have (K17511) (Dashlaunch 3.18 with Autoswap disabled) (FSD3Rev775 with FSD Plugin loaded) and (Aurora 0.6b with Dashlaunch=Active, Freestyle Plugin=Active, and FTP=Active) As per other threads i thought may be folder structure is not right which was HDD1: Xbox360XEX\Max Payne 3 Disc1 HDD1: Xbox360XEX\Max Payne 3 Disc2 ˆˆˆˆAbove were actually two Separate folders and 2 Discs were being showed in the Game List both in FSD3 and Auroa So this i thought may be this not the right folder structure and changed it to HDD1:Xbox360XEX\Max Payne3\Disc 1 HDD1:Xbox360XEX\Max Payne3\Disc 2 Which is a main Max Payne 3 folder with two subfolders as "Disc 1" & "Disc 2" But still the same issue! Game Freezes after Disc Swap Next I tried deleting the title update = Same issue Reinstalling the title update= Same issue Tried to play from FSD3 itself = Same issue Then i read in a thread maybe its Aurora 0.6b Bug so I Installed Aurora 0.7b in which what happens is after disc swap selection as yes it restarts Disc 1 again Aurora 0.7b is not showing that wether Freestyle Plugin is loaded or not like Aurora 0.6b but shows for Dashlaunch FTP and NOVA in the settings. I also tried moving the hide disc 2 by moving it in no section but no help! Also checked from backup the game files are Complete Can someone help me out in this please! Any Suggestions Help will be highly appreciated!
  2. Hello everyone , i did replace the original boot with fake anim but this last wont start the intro is taken from youtube and in format wmv . is there something not right ? THANKS IN ADVANCE
  3. Hello everyone, i accidentally deleted my content/00000000000000000 folder from my FSD3 while trying to install Aurora. I did not continue installing Aurora so i'm still stuck with FSD3. All my DLC and XBLA games are in that folder. So is there any way to bring back that 00000000000000000 folder? Thanks for the help, Killigeo
  4. I have an RGH'ed Xbox 360 kinect 320 GB. I installed FSD3 because there was some errors intercepted on the last FSD (1.02) so updated it to 3. I downloaded some games for my xbox and can still copy extracted iso. I remember the last games that moved are Madagascar 3 and Prototype 2. That was transferred after I installed FSD3. But nowadays, I downloaded CODBO2 and Halo 4. I extracted them and it seems that I cannot copy nor move them to the HDD via usb. It shows "operation failed" after a few transfer of files. I wonder there is something wrong with my console. There are huge space left on the hdd so I do not suspect on the storage. I extracted the ISOs via xbox360iso extract (latest). Seems fine after extraction. The only fails me is that the transfer operation. I only use "card reader with micro SD (8GB) in it". It operates like a USB dongle though. regards,
  5. VersaNacs


    I need Freestyledash3 because I need it to convert games and I also need menus for gtav and bo2
  6. I used FSD3 and Aurora parallel this time. I didnt palyed for a long time with my xbox so i updated DashLaunch and my Dashboard today. Now i tried to download Covers and Title Updates but FSd cannot find anything. Months before all was working fine. So my question now: is it no longer doable to download Title Updates and Covers with FSD3 ? Or is this only a problem caused with the Updates i made ?
  7. Everyone's welcome but, would prefer people with mics that speak english. My gamertag is MILFHUNTERO6. I would like to see a online community on Link.Maybe Team FSD will create a msg service and make Link even more awesome!! Hope to get to play with some of ya.
  8. Installing and using FSD3 and Aurora at same time. Does this make complications or is it working fine ? Is a Database (Savegame) integration from FSD3 / FSD2 to Aurora in the future a added feature ?
  9. So this is the problem: Im trying to connect another SATA HDD to my RGH console using an USB 2.0 to IDE/SATA apapter, the case is that my console can't see my new hard drive but it shows the message box saying that a new device has been mounted in the system. I can't transfer any files to the disc or from the disc cause like said i can't see it. I tried using NTFS format at first, then FAT32 and lately restarting the box and nothing changes. Do i need to save a special or something? Thanks for your future help. And by the way the HDD it's a laptop drive, Fujitsu is the brand and 80GB is the capacity, formated to FAT32 and works on windows perfectly.
  10. I set the game paths and fsd3 finds them. But when i play them an xbox error comes up and says "game could not start. try redownloading" I updated the dash to 16537 and installed the avatar data. Any help would be greatly appreaciated. I dont know why I am having trouble with this console and hard drive (for my brother). I have my own dual nand slim and everything runs fine.
  11. when I am running fsd3 with or without my metro skin I am able to play games from disks but cant play dvd from disk(screen flickers and fsd restarts). when I revert back to the stock dash I can play dvds any idea as to why? also I have a collection of movies in wmv format but 1/2 freeze my system when I try to run them the others play fine. im running a RGH slim.
  12. I used the software autoGG with this guide: [VIDEO] [/ VIDEO] When i did 03:52 minutes action (IP FLASH) When the commend was over the Xbox did not turn on since REBOOT .. here is communication between the remote to the Xbox but it does not fully runnes, only the middle dot on the Xbox appears .Not turn on at all, that's how it always .. connecting. (All four Remote control lights are flashing) http://up407.siz.co.il/up1/ymym50tk2fyn.jpg
  13. can someone help me out with this? i realy want to play my xbox games from a NAS... but i won't work.. i can see my NAS in the homegroup in SMB but when i start the game FSD3 cashes and it returns to the original dash... please help me out... i know a lot of people want to have this to work.. (sorry for my crappy english i am dutch)
  14. Hiya! i want to know: would it be possible to make a photo album for FSD ? ...obviously it it possible, but does anyone have the knowledge to making a photo album channel? making the channel wont be complicated with the xuitool but i think first we should make a photo viewer homebrew..but the thing is, i want the homebrew to be, kinda fusioned to the channel so that when you open the tab, you see the picture wall... So to resume: i'm looking to find or make a photoviewer/photoalbum channel for FSD3 ! (..or ATLEAST a homebrew that is used to navigate photos..) Thanks!
  15. I have FSD3 V735 Installed but this might apply to any version of Freestyle Dash 3 Is there a way to specify what game title cover version to download? As I noticed a few titles with the incorrect game cover. I thing this may be because some game titles share the same title ID. For example Red Dead Redemption / Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare / Red Dead Redemption GOTY. All share the same title ID so when downloading the cover art they all show the same original Read Dead Redemption for both the title and cover art.
  16. Hi, I have a problem: When I push the "Home" button on my xbox controller, it doesn't show "Freestyle home", "File browser", the temperatures... And I'd like my xbox to do that. What can I do? I use the latest FSD3 until Now, that I see that a new one has been released. I've read something about a plugin, but now I don't find it, in addition I don't know how to apply the plugin... I think it's enough. However, right now I'm downloading latest FSD and dashlaunch 3.07, If my problem solves, I will tell you Thanks in advantage Sergio _____________________________________________________________ In addition, as I'm upgrading my FSD, I think I will lose all my "configuration" as "menu tabs are blue" for example... So can I upgrade it without losing my configuration? Thanks!
  17. It started some days before. My FSD3 doesn't show the wheather data.
  18. Yesterday I connected an another external hdd to my xbox360 rgh. FSD3.483 started after the reboot and it show all the previously existing game icons duplicated. After the disconnection of the 2nd usb and reboot, the problem doesn't exist. So, it's tasting like a typical sql error, which can be easily solved with a "distinct" prefix in the sql query.
  19. Hi,i have now installed F3 and i am signed at JQE360 (nick: yoshi)At home, my router could find LAN games, but at my friend it doesn't I have old Fat xbox360 and the newest F3 dash board with newest dash-launch (I can login to jqe360 though, but when i go to "system link" on CoD:BO2 .. it couldnt find anything)When i am at F3 plugin and hit test ... all passes but PORTs always fail :(What am i doing wrong ? I have tried to set on my router (D-Link) some virtual site with my ports (30000) and then i added it to F plugin but it still doesnt work ... if you have some advice or same problem please let me know :)Thanks very much and greetings from Czech republic
  20. Hi all, Im using fsd3 and all of the games i install are usually detected with my current path setting but after i installed the game "Tales of Vesperia" it cant seem to be detected. Running the game forcibly using its default.xex via file manager works but i cant get it added to my library I think the main culprit why its not getting detected is because its an "Undubbed" version of the game, is there a way for me to manually add it to the library?
  21. First off. Thank you for F3....Simply Amazing! (so Far) My suggestion is to have a "return to games" button within the games list on the http client. Like many others i can't get the covers to download automatically (read the tuts, followed them to the law, and nothing I couldn't manage it in FSD 2.2. So the problem looks like it's me!) so i update my game covers over http, and i think it would help a lot to have this "return to games" button at the bottom of the page next to the "save details" button to return me to the game list i was in. When the details are saved, the page stays at the bottom of the page and then you have to scroll up, select games list and then which ever list you were in and find your game you just updated! Sounds lazy i know! But with a large collection of titles and it can get a bit tedious! And it would be convenient. Don't know if this is even possible? but i thought i would throw it out there for my 1st post. Keep up the great work, Thanks.
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