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  1. and what can i do to solve this problam?
  2. I used the software autoGG with this guide: [VIDEO] [/ VIDEO] When i did 03:52 minutes action (IP FLASH) When the commend was over the Xbox did not turn on since REBOOT .. here is communication between the remote to the Xbox but it does not fully runnes, only the middle dot on the Xbox appears .Not turn on at all, that's how it always .. connecting. (All four Remote control lights are flashing) http://up407.siz.co.il/up1/ymym50tk2fyn.jpg
  3. I used the software autoGG with this guide: [VIDEO] [/ VIDEO] When did 03:52 minutes of action (IP FLASH) When the operation was over Xbox did not turn on since REBOOT .. There is communication between the remote Xbox but it does not light appears only the middle spot Xbox
  4. When I try to run certain games appears this problem. I have many games and only the last ones (Titanfall, The amazing spider man 2, Watch dogs) have this problem: WATCH DOGS game installed using this guide, and still it's not working: video=youtube;F_cn8OtC-t4]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_cn8OtC-t4 someone told me that i need to update my dashboard, but i dont know how to do that.. (and how i check my dashboard version)
  5. Hello, I bought a new Hard Disk, I converted it from NTFS to FAT32 and still the XBOX not reading it ... There are games in the HDD and still, not read it. ( I also tried to copy from friend Hard Disk FREESTYLE files but that did not solve the problem) at my previous HDD everything was working properly .. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ 1.Any of the entrances is not reading it (not the back or front) 2.I connect the HDD for XBOX and is receiving power but the XBOX does not respond to it ... (Not opened a new drive STOREG) in the settings) here is the HDD photo .... And here a link to his site .. The HDD is a 1TB Does anyone have an idea of what is the problem?.. And how to solve it? Thanks for helpers !!!
  6. Sorry this may not be the right place to post this thread, and if that is the case, feel free to delete it. I have had problems converting some recent games into GOD. Some of these games are games that have previously converted without problems. It always happend towards the end of the process. Below is a snapshot of the error message. I tried to replace the file "xextool.exe" with the newest version But it did not help ! Any help would be appreciated.
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