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  1. Hoy! I think, that I could translate it to czech or slovakian language. I will rewrite the texts if you want to. I really want to help this dash to be in our language here! Let me know in PM, thanks
  2. Or you did not enter your jqe360 nick and password in SETTINGS(?). :)Fill those things, start a game, press XBOX button, and LiNK should be accesable.
  3. Omg just rename that game and download atrwork and everything is allright
  4. Hmm, I havent done anything, but before 15 minutes, it worked ... it showed me available LAN games, but i cannot join to any ... i havent read the manual, because it is 4 years old and manual is gone ... but yes, there is online manual, but i am too lazy and so much inexperienced with setting up the router or some else internet devices so i was just hoping, that it will work just fine :)I will try it again tommorow and tell you if it works :3
  5. Alxskater: I said, that I know how to connect at home via wired LAN connection ... but at my friend it is not working ... it can log me to JQE360 but that PORT fails all the time and i cannot see players at System link ...IrishDave: I think that every router works on the same principle. It can not be by that his router is another type than mine ... i think that it needs to be modded somehow .. but i cannot find anywhere how ... i just thought, that some of you guys could help me :)Anyway, I think that this is very know problem so if it will someone solve this out, It will help a lot of people using link + F3 because this site is the best
  6. yoshi

    Czech republic

    Ahojte, nešel by někdo se mnou hrát hry například CoD:BO2 nebo Gears of War 3 ?Hi, can you join me for your game ? I will play with you if you want ... just let me know in PM or on skype xxyoshixx51 ... than we can work something out (if is it spam or something, please delete this post :3 )
  7. Hi,i have now installed F3 and i am signed at JQE360 (nick: yoshi)At home, my router could find LAN games, but at my friend it doesn't I have old Fat xbox360 and the newest F3 dash board with newest dash-launch (I can login to jqe360 though, but when i go to "system link" on CoD:BO2 .. it couldnt find anything)When i am at F3 plugin and hit test ... all passes but PORTs always fail :(What am i doing wrong ? I have tried to set on my router (D-Link) some virtual site with my ports (30000) and then i added it to F plugin but it still doesnt work ... if you have some advice or same problem please let me know :)Thanks very much and greetings from Czech republic
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