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  1. hi, im in a similar scenario as the TC, im not able to update via the updater under settings. how do i go about updating manually? im cautious about it since there are tons of settings i dont want to mess up, sure i can clean install via xexmenu but it'll take me hours to get my xbox back the way it was
  2. it was in the Homebrew tab lol, thanks guys
  3. Hi all, Im using fsd3 and all of the games i install are usually detected with my current path setting but after i installed the game "Tales of Vesperia" it cant seem to be detected. Running the game forcibly using its default.xex via file manager works but i cant get it added to my library I think the main culprit why its not getting detected is because its an "Undubbed" version of the game, is there a way for me to manually add it to the library?
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