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  1. are their any addons or software I can add to play DVDs on fsd3 so I don't have to unload it every time?
  2. how would I get the patch to try it? sorry im kind of a noob at this.
  3. its not games just DVD movies. games work ok they flicker once or twice and play movies however flicker then reset fsd.
  4. I don't believe I have any patches enabled.
  5. when I am running fsd3 with or without my metro skin I am able to play games from disks but cant play dvd from disk(screen flickers and fsd restarts). when I revert back to the stock dash I can play dvds any idea as to why? also I have a collection of movies in wmv format but 1/2 freeze my system when I try to run them the others play fine. im running a RGH slim.
  6. y i figure its a driver error or something.
  7. hello i have a RGH system running the newest FSD 3. when i installed it however i lost the ability to play DVDs(movies) still works for games but when i try a dvd it resets the system any ideas? also im trying to backup my dvd colection to HD is their a way to save them in my external drive to play on the RGH xbox 360 and show up in a folder like the games emulaters ect??
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