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  1. i tried that TUT many times but i dont get a CONX folder... and with smb it crashes always... i gonna try now Alan Wake.. maybe that will work over smb..
  2. so there is no way to play games from my NAS with an xbox?
  3. i did it that way but it will not work.. i dont get the conx folder... and btw.. this is for running games from a shared folder on a PC.. i want to play games from my NAS (Network Attached System)
  4. can someone help me out with this? i realy want to play my xbox games from a NAS... but i won't work.. i can see my NAS in the homegroup in SMB but when i start the game FSD3 cashes and it returns to the original dash... please help me out... i know a lot of people want to have this to work.. (sorry for my crappy english i am dutch)
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