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  1. Looks great Congratulations Ickna11!!
  2. I think the speed it shows doesn't match with real speed. A few hours ago, i was downloading covers and some TU's, and when downloading TU's it shows the speeds you say. But I rebooted the XBOX and the TU's had been downloaded (not all, just some of them) Hope I've helped you
  3. Thanks to BL4K3Y's help my problem is now solved! Thanks again friend
  4. I've tried to upgrade it (I downloaded official 16203, and put the folder in the root of a Fat32 pendrive. I've tried with name "$systemupdate" and "$$ystemupdate") but It detect the upgrade available, start extracting, upgrading... and near 80% it says that has been an error and connect to xbox/support and a code... So how can I upgrade? I would try burning a CD, but if it doesn't work it will be a waste of time and of a CD... Thanks for your help
  5. Ok, I will download and check it tomorrow. Then I'll tell you. Thanks! What do you refer at when you say "the latest JTAG/glitch kernel"? Is that the dashlaunch or FSD? Or the official microsoft "$systemupdate"? These three "things" are the three only I've changed in my Xbox...
  6. I think I've made you misunderstand me hehe I have the latest F3, I've upgraded it just today, but I don't have the latest official microsoft upgrade ($$ystemupdate). I think not, but maybe this can be the reason why I don't have the new HUD :S
  7. I have "Nohud=False". I created this launch.ini from Dashlaunch 3.07, not writing it in my computer, so I think it will be ok... I've never had problems with launch.ini... It's not important, but it's very useful to access file explorer, FSD menu... from "the miniblade" I don't think that, but, can it be because my NXE isn't upgraded? I mean, maybe I have dash 14699 (for example... it's not 14699 but neither the latest)
  8. I think you can find some "fan-made" skins, for example, with dash 2.2 rev 725 (my first hehe) I used a "default.xzp" with texts in Spanish, you only have to change the xzp and then the "Default.xex". As I don't know if I can refer another web in a post, if you can't find it, please tell me and I send you a PM with the website where I found the Spanish one
  9. I've just upgraded and it still doesn't showing the things I tell you when I press "miniblade" button... About overwriting FSD files when upgrading... I've lost my configuration hehehe It's not important, but it takes 10-15min to keep it as always hehe So, what could I do to get my "miniblade" menu as the one you show in the new FSD video? Thanks!
  10. I've done a banner, it's not sized but if you like the idea I can resize it Special thanks to armonika because I've used your "FSD miniblade", of course if you don't wabt me to use it, I will delete it right now I hope you all like my designs!!
  11. Hi, I have a problem: When I push the "Home" button on my xbox controller, it doesn't show "Freestyle home", "File browser", the temperatures... And I'd like my xbox to do that. What can I do? I use the latest FSD3 until Now, that I see that a new one has been released. I've read something about a plugin, but now I don't find it, in addition I don't know how to apply the plugin... I think it's enough. However, right now I'm downloading latest FSD and dashlaunch 3.07, If my problem solves, I will tell you Thanks in advantage Sergio _____________________________________________________________ In addition, as I'm upgrading my FSD, I think I will lose all my "configuration" as "menu tabs are blue" for example... So can I upgrade it without losing my configuration? Thanks!
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