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  1. Thanks Swizzy, you're being a big help any other thing you want to say? And no it keeps freezing at the same place after reinstalling a new rip I got from another site with TU3 but now I don't even get to see a black screen, instead it goes on a "fatal crashed" state and reboots. Also the sound glitches continues before the fatal crashed. Any other ideas. JBlackout do you still have the site where you downloaded the new rip? Maybe that could help.
  2. Thanks god you found a way, now, Could you explain me how to do that on my own? Do I need to download another rip? I live in DR and is pretty hard to find good rips unless you get them yourself. Mine comes from a Brasilian site, and it has the same problem that you described before, audio glitches and a black screen when (playing as Ethan in the woods with his brothers) you have to meet the lord who comes seeking justice.
  3. So this is the problem: Im trying to connect another SATA HDD to my RGH console using an USB 2.0 to IDE/SATA apapter, the case is that my console can't see my new hard drive but it shows the message box saying that a new device has been mounted in the system. I can't transfer any files to the disc or from the disc cause like said i can't see it. I tried using NTFS format at first, then FAT32 and lately restarting the box and nothing changes. Do i need to save a special or something? Thanks for your future help. And by the way the HDD it's a laptop drive, Fujitsu is the brand and 80GB is the capacity, formated to FAT32 and works on windows perfectly.
  4. OK, but how can i get the TU without extracting the DVD? btw, I see the content now, i extracted the dvd, get the last TU and now i can see the content.
  5. One question, to play DLC, i need to have to rgh version of my game? My particular case is that i have Gears of War 3 but in the original dvd game disc version (from before the RGH) and i downloaded the DLC RAAM's Shadow for that game from gamestorrents.com (cause there are RGH games and stuff), I checked the structure of folders where i need to put the dlc game and is ok, but i can't see the dlc content in the menu or in the game itself (i started a new game to try it). So that's my question: Do i need to have the RGH version of my game to play DLC content that i just downloaded? or i just can extract my original dvd game to the hdd, get the lastest TU and then play? also, i can't see the dlc in XM360 even when i rescaned. Thanks for your future help.
  6. Funny though i tested again yesterday without updating to 2.0.16747.0 version and i played for the first time. I guess you're right about the TU's cause system link says there's a last version of TU for one of my CoD games and i can't find that update browsing via "Title Update Menu". You think i can use AutoGG for that? I mean, if i update to (2.0.16747.0) that last version i could see the last updates?
  7. Same problem here!!! LiNK configuration and tested: OK FSD 3 Rev 775: OK Last TU set: OK At this point i could see the rooms available when i tried to join a game in CoD BO 2 or CoD Ghosts but then i was kicked out before i could join the game or just had a fatal crash intercepted error showing. Due to this i did a little research about it and found in another topic that when that happens is because avatars are not updated. So yesterday i used AUTOGG to update my avatar and everything went well, no gray avatar anymore but now i can't see the games to join. So, Avatar Update: OK btw if this helps my Interface version (Via original xbox 360 Dash): 2.0.16547.0 this is the version i put in AUTOGG. After the avatar update when going to system link (via interface button), i check that my TU is still ok, i can see all the players online and the former rooms available, i can join any of those rooms (usually the one with more players) and when i returned to the game menu (exiting system link menu and the interface menu) and selected multiplayer, system link and join a game, nothing shows in the game list. I can't see anything, no players or hosts are there, this is happening after the avatar update. Someone have an idea of why is happening this?
  8. I had this problem and the solution i used was way more simple, i was having the same problem with the TU's for CoD Black Ops 2 and CoD Ghosts what i did was to delete all my past TU's (versions 1,2,3,..., until the last released) cause i realized that when i downloaded them (directly from my jtag xbox) i didnt wait for them to properly finish and install, so after i delete the past versions, i downloaded the last version available and wait for the update to finish, then i selected as active and reboot my xbox, when i started the game i checked for system link and everything was working properly. Hope this work for you too.
  9. Thanks for the video, everything is working now!.
  10. Asi no, utiliza esta: http://link.jqe360.com/
  11. I see, thanks man guess i'll have to forget about that.
  12. I just have 1 week since got the Freestyle 3 in my box, am a big fan of ubisoft's franchises Assassin's Creed and Splinter Cell, so, i wanna know if you can interact with uplay from inside a game when your box is using RGH, JTAG or Similars hacks, i tried to log in with my account and i cant get any access, the account is working well trought my phone or pc, but not trought my console. I aprecciate any further help.
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