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  1. Thank you very much ! Are there any developing or testing thing I can help the developing process ?Please le me know !
  2. Any response ? As I know, there are lot of queries and updates in FSD3. So the real solution should be the #1 - need a tool to change the MountedDeviceID's to be unique. Anyway, what are these ID-s and it is possible to change them without sideeffects ?
  3. So, it is no need to check scanpaths nor rescan, because 1. stage: - imagine FSD3 runs - only the 1st hdd runs - icons are not duplicated 2. stage: - swithc the 2nd hdd on - and wow the icons duplicated So if's NOT a scanpaths or db error - because in the 1st stage the icons are NOT duplicated at all. I try to check the inner select's of the fsd3's default.xex. I think this is the problematic query: SELECT ContentItemId, ContentItemScanPathId, ContentItemFileType, ContentItemContentType, ContentItemTab, ContentItemPath, ContentItemDirectory, ContentItemFileName, ContentItemTitleId, ContentItemMediaId, ContentItemDiscNum, ContentItemDiscsInSet, ContentItemName, ContentItemDescription, ContentItemDeveloper, ContentItemPublisher, ContentItemGenre, ContentItemRating, ContentItemRaters, ContentItemReleaseDate, RecentlyPlayedTitleDateTime, RecentlyPlayedTitleOrder, UserRatingRating, FavoriteId, ScanPathDeviceId, ContentItemHash ContentItemKinectFlag FROM ContentItems, ScanPaths, MountedDevicesLEFT OUTER JOIN RecentlyPlayedTitles ON ContentItemId = RecentlyPlayedTitleContentId AND RecentlyPlayedTitleGamerProfile = ?LEFT OUTER JOIN UserRatings ON ContentItemId = UserRatingContentId AND UserRatingGamerProfile = ?LEFT OUTER JOIN Favorites ON ContentItemId = FavoriteContentId AND FavoriteGamerProfile = ?WHERE ContentItemScanPathId = ScanPathId AND ContentItemId = ? because the MountedDevices table. I looked at my content.db and I saw, that the two USB devices (USB0 and USB1) have SAME MountedDeviceDeviceID's. I'm pretty sure, that his caused the bug. There could be two different way of solution: 1st way: need a tool to make all MountedDeviceDeviceID to be unique (I hope, that there is no formatting needed) 2nd way: a DISTINCT prefix after the SELECT keyword. sxg
  4. sxg75

    FSD3 wheater problem

    It works well. Perfect solution, perfect description. HxD is really great. Thank you !
  5. Yes, you are right: we are really lucky, so 100% respect to the FSD developer team. It was not a question, anytime.
  6. The largest indie game, what I've ever seen: "A Wizard's Odyssey" and it's filesize: 501 megabyte. The average filesize of 2821 indie games is : 39,7 megabyte. I know, that it is not a most urgent problem to solve - but I hope it will be developed. Anyway, thank you for your reply.
  7. sxg75

    Connect X 2.2 vs 3?

    I used FSD3 with the connectx plugin without any problems. But I had some ugly sideeffects related some games if the connectx plugin was loaded. For example: after started "Asterix at the Olympic" game, booted forever showing a spining coin screen. What's more it doesn't matter from where you started these games. So because connectx plugin works really slow and it has some sideeffects - I recommend to disable it.
  8. Sorry Dave, but you did not write anything new. Your sentences absollllutely unuseful. You should understand, that I didn't recommend a brand new method, but same as what one the FSD3 uses for title updates.
  9. -> Irishdave: have you ever tried to delete any of your game paths ?Get some real experience about the topic before write anything ... -> 235tylerlee: I have the same problem ... the solution could be a fresh install OR the editing of the unwanted game path to show an empty, but existing directory.
  10. sxg75

    FSD3 wheater problem

    The problem solved. I hope, that the next version of FSD will pick up the API wheater key from a standalone file.
  11. cheap chat - no sense hey men, have you ever heard about brainstorming ?? but anyway ... ironing is a great idea
  12. I only shared some ideas of mine. I do it, because I'm sure, that it helps the developing process.
  13. F3: what a great ideas and smart improvements ! What a great work ! Thank for the developers !Here is my contributions to this delicious "stone soup":1. Title Updates: Handling of TU-s is absolutely ok. It is a well working method, so it doesn't need any changes by now.2. Indie Games: there are nearly 3000 XBLIG titles. There is not enough space on HDD1 to store them all.What's more, all XBLIG titles stored in HDD1/Contents/... will appear in the normal xbox dash/my games, which means chaos there.So let's store all XBLIG in USB0 or USB1, and copy the selected one to the HDD1/Contents/... only when the user start the game.After the user exit from that game, we will not able to delete the copied file from HDD1/Contents/... but we can set the limit of the number of files in theHDD1/Contents/... (XBLIG directory), so next time, when F3 starts, it would be able to delete the unnecessary files.3. Thematical Tabs: there are 4-5 tabs in the FSD / Library: "Xbox 360 Games", "Xbox Live Arcade", "Homebrew", etc.So let's imagine a new point below the "Library", named "Thematical Tabs" or something like this.It contains many tabs based on GAME GENRES, like "Action", "Dancing", "Logic", "Family", "Sport", etc.It would be interesting and useful, isn't it ?4. Handling Tabs: there are many handling accessories for Xbox360, like kinect, big button controllers, guitar and drum sets, xbox live camera, wired and wireless microphones, racing wheels, pulse controllers, DJ sets, skateboards, etc.So what I suggest is something like at point 3., but based on controlling methods.What's more, it can solve the separating request of the kinect games.5. Online goodies: I mean new services for example:- extract and share game points from game saves to the online scoreboards (top100 things)- extract and share photos from games like Kinect Adventures- online chats by games (text based)6. online chat with sound and picture like skype using xbox360 and kinect7. integrate the access to this forum to F38. Handling of DLC-s:- what dlc's installed on HDD1 for a game- what other (not installed) dlc's are exist and can buy.- I don't suggest to help downloading dlc's using F3.9. Are there any way to send my game ratings ?10. Are there any possibility to integrate any gmail or facebook, mp3playing, picture slideshowing, movieplaying services to F3 ?My English is sometimes fuzzy , but I hope, that you all understand what I want to describe.
  14. The FSD3 game lists are really pretty. But sometimes they are really long - which makes to find a game a challenging step. Some clickable filters would be so nice: - game categories - years - usable peripherals (kinect, micrphone, big button, live cam, guitar, etc) - system link exists or not
  15. As you all know, these games are the simpliest ones in the whole xbox360 world. But some of them are real perls. By now, these games must be copied to the HDD1/Content folder. But there are not enough space there. So It would be a far better way to start them a similar way, as the FSD3 starts the title updates. I mean, let's store the xblig games in the external drive and when you select one and push the start button, _after it_ the let fsd copy the game file to the hdd1/content/... folder and start it. These files are really small, smaller then TU files.
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