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  1. What OS are you sharing from? SMB doesn't work on my Win7 but only because it cannot get past the main PC name (asks for name pass). The conX works fine for me though as I can specify a folder name. Maybe a setting or path is whacky in the db's? You could backup (rename) the db's and fsd will re-create them at startup, then enable SMB again and see if it works? Regards, EluZioN
  2. Hello Drekkie, Does the XBOX have an internal HDD? You mentioned freestyle and games work from the external, i'm wondering if the plugin tries to use the internal HDD to store data while it's loading? Just a thought, EluZioN
  3. Not sure if this helps but my boxes get a menu "return to fsd" if I hit the logo button once, will get turn off menu if I hold the button until the menu comes up. here are my settings...don't know which controls that be warned some of mine may be different, I also don't use link. [settings]nooobe = Falsenohealth = Falsenonetstore = Falsefakelive = Falsexhttp = Falseremotenxe = Trueliveblock = Falseexchandler = Falsenoupdater = Falsexblaexitdash = Truedvdexitdash = Trueregionspoof = Truefatalreboot = Truecontpatch = Truepingpatch = Truenxemini = True Regards, EluZioN
  4. Hello All, I have a program that reads all content items from the db, reads the asset files, figures out what images I don't have in the asset files and then injects the HttpQueue table in the database with paths to the images on a local webserver. Only problem is.....I can't get FSD to fire up downloading the queue. I have even updated images for a given game so the queue start up but it seems to ignore the existing entries in the queue. The table is pretty straight forward, but maybe I am missing something? For any wondering, I am doing this because I like tinkering, but mainly because I don't have the bandwidth to download all these images. I can make an assets file (thanks to GaDaBaMa creator for the format assistance) but I cannot for the life of me convert jpg's to dds files as DXT5 uncompressed. I cannot find that format anywhere on the net. My dxt5 dds files are 4x compressed as opposed to the files FSD3 creates. My next option is to try and script the http interface and force upload my images. If anybody has done this in any way (database, http, etc) please let me know. Thank You, EluZioN
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    Game Art

    Thanks guys, I will check out the topic and see what I can figure out.
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    Game Art

    Hello All, Let me first say thanks to the creators of FSD3. It's taking some time but I am getting use to it. I posted ages ago questioning if ConX worked on FSD3 (it died in later versions of FSD2) and it seems to work perfectly, so thank you. Back in the day I wrote a stand alone program to download all covers, screenshots, backgrounds, icons and it allows you to view all of them, edit description, etc.,on a PC. I did this because FSD2 couldn't use the same images for the same game if it was on a different path or different xbox, and also because I was maintaining several boxes. The program keeps a local copy of all images, then I would connect to the FSD2 db, and "sync" the images for whatever games were installed. My question is: FSD3 does not use assets in the database. I can use the web browser to move over my images, but doing images 1 by 1 for 1600+ games is too time consuming. Is there a script known so I can automate the image uploads? Is the file format of the assets file public and I can create those instead? Is the FSD3 open source? I could reverse the routine that saves the assets file I guess. Is there any other solution that I am missing? I should add that I like the new coverflow view a lot, but I am missing several games and I wouldn't begin to know how to make those. Where do they come from? Thanks,EluZioN
  7. Hello All, A while back I updated from 2.0x to 2.2 (Latest) and most of the time browsing ConX in file manager results in no folders listed (seen several posts on this, no solutions). Does FS3 have the same problem? I don't really want to go back to 2.0x but at least it worked in that realease. Thanks, ELuZioN
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