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  1. Got it to work! Thank you guys for helping me out!
  2. That will take the Box to MS dash every time I start it up. I am trying to get the Box to return to FS after I am done playing a game instead of restarting the Box every time.
  3. When I press the X button on the remote I only get the option to turn off the console or controller but how do I set it to return to FS? I know its a .ini setting but cannot figure out how to set it. I searched but cannot find the solution. Can one of you guys copy and paste the setting in your .ini file here please. Thanks !!
  4. Tried all of this, change paths, rescan, delete data manually but no luck. Some data must be corrupted or something. It scans but no games showing in F3. Thanks
  5. F3 starts up and it looks like it scans USB for awhile but just shows 1 game, also latest games played show nothing. Seems like game data was erased or something. How to fix this (reinstalling F3 maybe?) Game paths have not been changed as far as i know... Thanks for any help!
  6. I updated my FALCON xbox with the incorrect CPU-key and now it won't boot (I have 2 FALCON boxes). I have the correct CPU-key and NAND but flashed the wrong key. Searched for TUTs and info but cannot find any or the tools (Bincrypt) Can someone point me in the right direction how to fix this? And I probably posted this in the wrong support section so correct me (I feel like an idiot already anyway LOL) Thanks
  7. Yep that did the trick. Kinda weird it happened with these 2 games. Wonder if it has something to do with the update that come with the games... Removed the update and working fine now! Thanks for all the replies and help!
  8. Yes I did a manual scan several times... Changed scan depth to 2 or more... Downloaded TR again (complex) and also Iso2God and re-installed it, no luck. Now here is the weird thing, got Naruto Storm 3 and it shows up and runs fine !! Cant figure this one out.
  9. All my games are GOD... never had this problem before. I have 122 games on USB HDD but for some reason it wont see these new games... Thanks!
  10. Does the new TR & GOW games need new dash from Ms to show up in FSD3? Searched for this issue but seems im the only one with this problem. I tried everything, scan depth, updated to latest DashLaunch 3.07 but they wont show. Thanks!
  11. Thanks for your reply! I know how to manualy do the port forwarding in the NVG510 but it doesnt seem to work. If youre not using UPNP do you uncheck it in FS3 settings?
  12. Anyone had any luck using Link with a Motorola NVG510 modem/router? I assume this router does not support UPNP and is not usable.
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