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  1. Thanks, but are there even any new games coming that's going to require the updated dash?
  2. Does this require one of the new dashboards? Like Aurora? I've not bothered to install it since I'm perfectly happy with FSD.
  3. I fixed it. I was trying to do the quick and simple command line "xebuild update -f 17150". However, I downloaded the XeBuild GUI. I thought perhaps I could do a simple update through that, but was so lost with all the options. So I tried to just open a command prompt and do it manually. Since it wasn't working, I went and just downloaded the latest XeBuild directly (not the GUI version) and it included that file. Everything worked great after that. For future reference. Is there a quick and simple way to use the GUI to do an update, or is it still just easier to do the command prompt?
  4. I'm trying to upgrade to 17150, but I'm getting an error: could not read xell-gggggg.bin (-1)
  5. The one benefit xlinkkai has is that it will work with UNMODDED xbox's. My friends up in Canada and I play Halo 2 together with it every now and then. You can't use LiNK with Unmodded consoles, so the only people you can connect to are other people running FSD.
  6. Yeah that's what I figured (and hoped). Still, I think I'm gonna wait to buy my XBOX ONE till after they "mature" it a bit (like Major Nelson suggested).
  7. I'm just glad to see some new NEWS.. I don't visit the forums very much anymore, and just poke in real quick to see if something new is happening. Looks like since the XBOX ONE came out, the XBOX360 scene just kinda fell silent.
  8. Does the remote update feature as laid out in this post still work? http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/2227-dashlaunch-308-xebuild-108-released-with-amazing-new-features/ I'm in the need to update but haven't because I wasn't sure. I really loved how quick and easy the remote update worked.
  9. Makes me want to get an Xbone even more.
  10. Wow, I'm waiting to buy one, but thats awesome. Who would throw out $600 bucks and try to poke around on the mobo for a mod? Wish I had that kind of money.
  11. Are you making sure Dashlaunch is still running after you enable the updserv? It says very clearly in Dashlaunch that it will only run while the installer is running. Don't close anything down on the xbox, leave the Dashlaunch screen up when you try to run xebuild. I'd just like to say, that this is by far the easiest and quickest way to update the dashboard/kernel. I was doing it the long and hard way for so long, going into J-Runner and building a new image, putting that onto a USB and booting into Xell, then going back and putting the $SystemUpdate on the USB and booting into NXE to get the Avatar stuff. This is sooooo easy now. Once all the files are where they need to be on you computer, and you're running the updserv, the simple one line takes care of everything for you! Thanks from me to all the people responsible for this great new update!
  12. For those of us not fully in the circle of power users... does this offer anything for users without the Corona motherboard? For instance, I have a phat console (Jasper). Is this something I should be concerned about getting? Does it do anything for me? In the reply about Nintendo64, you mention something about stuff needing to be recompiled.. does that mean future releases that would require compiling in this new libxenon thing be only functional if you have this new version of Xell? I'm really just concerned about re-opening my xbox and doing more work to it since it's working so well now.
  13. What will become of the FreeStyle dashboard if TeamFSD is gone? I realize you say you'll still be involved and able to talk, but what impact will this have on us? Is this simply because the Xbox One is coming out in a few months, and a new group is in the works for developing that system? Is the RXE project now officially cancelled as well? I, for one, would just like to have some more details. You've been a great inspiration for so many people. Everybody I talk to about my Xbox is so jealous of all your work. I hate to see you leave us as well. Please give us more information!
  14. Thanks for the updates! Always nice to get new stuff. Does this update require rescanning the content (is everything lost when updating)? Also, is the graphics bug still present when looking at the game lists where it cuts the box art off at the bottom? That was my biggest irk, but fixable with a different skin. :)Keep up the great work guys, looking forward to playing with this new version and seeing more come out of the office!
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