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  1. Hi- I know this is an old thread, but I do have a question about this software in particular. Obviously it is very useful in letting you query the files that you have on your PC and Xbox. However, I was wondering if there is a way to query the underlying database to find the complete list of DLC for a given game? For instance, DLC for the game 'Otomedius Gorgeous' does not seem to be available on the web right now. There is also no record I can find of the names/codes of the missing DLC. I would like to know if they are on the 360 Content Manager database, but how can I query that?
  2. Hi all, Looking for some info on this question: If I buy some Japanese Xbox 360 DLC from the Microsoft Store WEBPAGE on my laptop, then log in to the same Xbox account while I'm playing the game on my RGH 360 using a stealth server, will the DLC get pushed to my RGH? There is basically a handful of DLC for the shmup 'Otomedius Gorgeous' that doesn't seem to be online. Someone might be prepared to buy the items if the above would work... Cheers!
  3. Hi there, I am trying to upload a missing title update to Unity, however once I press 'Submit' I keep getting: ERROR: Internal Server Error Is this a known issue? Or... The TU I'm trying to upload is for: "Otomedius Excellent" Title ID: 4B4E083A (Media ID: null) Is there an issue with that title in particular? It's the US release of the game, and without the title update attached (TU_15KS21Q_000000G000000.0000000000084) It won't recognise any of the DLC. Interested to know whether that title in particular is sensitive? Thanks. TU_15KS21Q_000000G000000.0000000000084
  4. Really? That’s cute ❤️
  5. Having trouble getting my legit copy of Pinball Arcade (XBLA - world) to pick up DLC. It doesn't seem to find the downloaded tables in 00000002 or 000b0000, have tried both. I also have latest updates downloaded. I know there is a region issue with the game on other consoles, but would not have thought this would affect XBLA (region free?) Thanks
  6. Ok I have solved the main part of this myself. I had changed my Network settings manually to enable FTP from my laptop via Ethernet wired connection. When I switched back to wifi to access the web, I didn’t realise that the manual settings would stay in place. Thought they were exclusive to the wired connection. Once I set them back on Automatic the magic happened and I got cover art. Still not sure about the Settings menu not having a Unity tab? But maybe the API Key works instead of a login?? Appreciate any enlightenment here.
  7. Hi all, I am just setting out on the RGH 360 journey, so far have been able to get games up and running fine. My Aurora version is 0.7b When I hit Start, my menu does not include a 'Unity' tab where I can input my Unity login details (I have these ready to go). I have a 'Profile' tab which allows me to put in my Unity username, and the API Key which I have manually input (and checked) from Unity. My 360 is connected correctly to my WIFI router, Livestrong is disabled. When I go to Assets > Download in my Settings menu, it seems to be downloading something (it says it is Downloading approx 50 items for the 10 installed games, in the status update top right). If I view my Games (HDD1/Games) in XEX-menu, they mostly have thumbnails there and a 'background' picture on the right. HOWEVER... I am still not getting any Box Art... Should I have a 'Unity' tab to input my login? I don't know how any of this is working when I have not input a password? Actually I have input my Unity password to try and generate the Unity API but this has consistently failed and produced an error message. Hope you can see that I've checked a lot of items off the list from my own internet research... I'm here because I've run out of things to try, I think! Thanks.
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