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  1. yes, as instructed, trailer.wmv in the game id folder under the gamedata folder.
  2. hello guys, sorry if this has been asked before; after I updated to 0.5b via auto-updater i'm no longer able to play preview trailers. it's just greyed as if it's not seeing there's a video in the games' folder. any idea? thanks,
  3. MaesterRowen, thank you. message is gone but I got a fatal crash intercepted message when trying to play the video (after rename) and it threw me back to dashboard. must be the video file itself, I'm going to experiment a little. edit: ok, renaming does not work. I converted the .mp4 to .wmv but unfortunately the video quality is not pleasant especially if you're viewing fast action scenes it becomes blocky even when converted to high quality wmv. but I noticed that the trailers you guys included such as Gears of War 2, they are fantastic and small sized too. I'm interest to know what video tool you're using and the parameters you're selecting.
  4. I renamed a .mp4 file to .wmv, Aurora did detect that there's a video and the "play trailer" option was active but when pressed I got an error "optional media update is required, a media update is required to play this content. To get the update, sign in to xbox live and play the content again." I did my research and learned that a mandatory update is required to play new video/audio formats which requires connecting to live. is there an alternative way to have this update without live? thanks,
  5. in aurora folder inside each game-media folder you'll find Trailer.wmv my next question would be; will aurora play other formats than .wmv? thanks Swizzy and Mattie for the answers.
  6. take it easy guys, no hard feelings, we are all humans yes? without a doubt we all appreciate your outstanding and most importantly free offering. Swizzy; yes it is right-to-left. never mind my request in this case, perhaps sometime down the line when things are more relaxed i'll bring it up again. btw, I'm trying to access via http to modify some things (covers, snapshots..) but i can't even ping the xbox when I'm in aurora, is http not yet active or something? thanks for this lovely update and for bringing the trailers support in, awesome feature.
  7. hello guys, i would like to participate in adding a new language (Arabic), can someone please point me to how? thanks,
  8. repeat changing and saving the content location. it worked for me after few tries. after each save go up to check, if it's in the desired location DO NOT save again.
  9. thanks Swizzy, and I'm grateful for all you guys' hard and exceptional work.
  10. right, so Aurora uses those 2 default paths it doesn't build its own TU database?
  11. hello guys, the default TU location is in the Cache folder. FSD do not look in the default location of the TUs and instead it downloads and stores the updates in its own database. is Aurora the same as FSD or it actually fetches the TUs from the Cache folder? thank you,
  12. thanks for the prompt response. I can see the check box but where are they stored and how to play them? or is it not yet available?
  13. hello guys, a long time follower here but first time in the forum. I'm not sure if this has been brought up before but I did look before posting and didn't get lucky. since Freestyle doesn't have this feature anymore, any chance of having the game video preview in Aurora? thank you.
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