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  1. Gromber

    Aurora 0.7b, including NOVA, by Phoenix

    Thanks for the update!
  2. Gromber

    {REQUEST} Aurora Screenshot GUI

    Use xnview or other batch image tool to convert a folder to other format. Also, you can press "s" with the pc keyboard to capture like Xbox 360 Screen Capture and download directly to pc later, if you are in the webui while in your monitor are playing a game... i used it a lot in fsd, and still works in aurora, i think.
  3. Gromber

    {REQUEST} Aurora Screenshot GUI

    freestyle did something similar, you could add screenshots using pc with a web browser and download them directly.
  4. Thanks for the new version, but now i miss an option to move that captures i think are cool easily from the new section to preview, for example for xbox 1 games, but, better than nothing xD wow several months without playing with the console, waiting for holidays xD
  5. looks great! i want to try it and translate it soon, with time haha
  6. Gromber

    Aurora Asset Editor v1.1 Released

    i had some xbox 1 wallpapers created years ago, now i can use them thans to this tool: http://ultimatexbox360.awardspace.com/category/artworks-skins/
  7. my video works on splash screen. i need help where to put the video on xuitool and if i can add an option to disable it hehehe
  8. i want to add a full wmv video background to default skin. it is possible? how? where? example:
  9. Gromber

    Question on Uploading Revised Covers

    i usually find a error or something i want to improve after a upload, so an option to edit our own covers, could be a great idea.
  10. yes , like i said in my first post i could create a new quick view but i prefer the solution gavin_darkglider (thanks!) give me, but i also will try to create a new quick view and use filters like i did in previous version. I think the solution is that (some) filters you manually choose were saved or an option to use them like previos version. But it isn´t too important, is my problem, i was already used to the old method... like play a original xbox 1 game with xbox classic and only enabled filters activated and when i start aurora again without using any quick view already have the same list and sort order, now i must get used to the new features and use a new Quick View with Xbox 1 and only enabled on it yes or yes, if I want to keep it when i restart Aurora. the advantage of using only filters and sort order is that you can quickly change between several options without create many quick views for each combination, but yes, i must learn to use both options together, i need time anyway... Thanks for Aurora
  11. yes, because in previous version, all filters are saved, but now with the show all, always must activate the filters when i start aurora. it is possible to disable quick views? i dont need them xD
  12. because when i change to other quick view and then i come back to show all i must active always "only enabled" to hide games i have in a disconnected usb, i want this filter always activated like in other quick views. I could create other quick view with this filter... but... only for this...
  13. Gromber

    Aurora 0.5b by Phoenix

    great thanks!!