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  1. Anyone who can help me in this? The bug is still there and now it annoys me more than anything
  2. Sorry I wasn't able to reply quick. Anyways, aurora for some reason won't let me copy the debug.log file to usb. However, I copied the debug.log.last file and here it is: debug.log.last
  3. I downloaded all the files etc. I even reconnected the internet. It's a noob question probably, but How do I get the debug file?
  4. So, I just upgraded to Aurora 0.7b and I've had this bug showing up recently. It always says "1 Item Downloading" as the status, even when my Internet isn't connected. The first time it showed up, I thought that I might have left a download in progress, so I reconnected my internet to the xbox, and it goes away. Then when I disconnect my Internet from the xbox, it shows up again. Oh and btw no download is going on in the background. Any help is appreciated.
  5. Has the password been changed? 7zip keeps saying the password is wrong. Nice skin though.
  6. I fixed it by changing the email to a yahoo one. The website hates hotmail emails
  7. Hey guys! I'm new to the scene and I tried to setup LiNK, however when I registered at Xbox Unity it didn't send me the verification email. I tried several times with other email accounts (turns out I have many) but still, none of them received the email. I searched on Google for the problem and found many posts here on Real Mod Scene. I read them and found many people facing the same problem. Hopefully, some admins here were kind enough to grant them with some magic. I also saw Swizzy saw that this is not the place to report and that anyone facing a problem should report to XboxUnity. I could not find any Contact Us details on XboxUnity so I decided to post here. Hope someone would be kind enough to help! Username: PaperTronics Thanks, PaperTronics
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