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  1. The option requires a key and I cannot redistribute that legally. You will need to find the devgl files yourself and install them to the program to use that option. Kind Regards, Josh
  2. Advanced feature. For use on devkits to launch freeboot. Don’t worry about it unless you need it. Kind Regards, Josh
  3. Sorry, I don't have time for that, especially since most people won't be using it. Kind Regards, Josh
  4. The answer is right there in your error: System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path 'C:\Users\Desktop\J-Runner-with-Extras\xeBuild\data\nanddump.bin' is denied. Something on your system is preventing access to the nand dump after it gets copied into data. Not much I can really do to tell you what, sorry. Kind Regards, Josh
  5. Negative. All BB ECC reports this error. I even tested in older versions. I'll look at hiding the error in the next version when ECC is detected because it's inaccurate. But continue as normal. You shouldn't get any message unless you select "Reload". Kind Regards, Josh
  6. NEW RELEASE V3.3.0 r3: - Added: Add support for XL Both patches - Added: Updated XL HDD patches to fix JTAG no boot issue - Added: Quality of life UI improvements - Added: 13604 dashboard - Fixed: UI bugs - Fixed: Issues with CB combo sorting - Fixed: Possible crash when loading certain nands As you may have noticed, "XL Both" is now a thing. Read more at Eaton's blog post: FATXplorer » Combined Xbox 360 XL Patches Now Available (eaton-works.com) Kind Regards, Josh
  7. 17489 is for XDKbuild. Added for the version next. Release shortly. Kind Regards, Josh
  8. Thanks, Noted. Will investigate further when I get home. Kind Regards, Josh
  9. Hi from college Small update, mainly for Eaton's latest XL HDD patch to fix a minor issue with some consoles not working. V3.3.0 r2: - Added: Improved New Session command - Added: Updated XL HDD patch - Fixed: Corona 4GB image detection issue @gmorb, instructions I guess we can make it. You can also note that Nand -> Load Glitch XeLL can be used. Kind Regards, Josh
  10. Re-released the update to fix an issue with the Donor Nand wizard. Due to the huge number of internal changes in V3.3.0, an issue slipped past me that I didn't realize. Kind Regards, Josh
  11. Re-released the update to fix a false positive issue in Windows Defender. We should be good now. Kind Regards, Josh
  12. I'd have to look into it to tell you tbh. Our June release is now live with a slew of new features and bugfixes: V3.3.0: - Added: Improved UI - Added: Support for 64MB Small Block images (XDK) - Added: Nand Info now displays SMC version - Added: Double click text boxes to copy value to clipboard - Added: Ability to edit KV MFR date - Added: Toggle for saving backups when editing KV or SMC Config - Added: Added 4580 CB to 6717 for certain JTAGable Zephyrs - Added: Automatically focus the IP entry box after writing XeLL - Added: EXT_CLK XDKbuild timings for Xenon and Zephyr - Added: Improved UI for some dialogs - Fixed: Certain OSIGs not working properly in Patch KV - Fixed: XL HDD not working properly on JTAG images - Fixed: Invalid characters causing the Donor Nand Wizard to crash - Fixed: Bugs with Corona BB console type - Fixed: Mistake in xFlasher JTAG programming definitions - Fixed: SMC Config Editor bugfix - Fixed: Certain config blocks causing SMC Config Editor to crash - Fixed: Erroneous Unrecognized Flash Config message with 64MB - Fixed: Various bugs and usability issues Kind Regards, Josh
  13. What did you change in J-Runner with Extras? Would be nice to add native support for whatever you are doing. Kind Regards, Josh
  14. The fan thing is not related. Btw, I am still alive, the next update is just changed a lot of things so as a result the release is taking longer to be ready. The next release should be in June. King Regards, Josh
  15. Hi, Glad to hear! New release is out. V3.2.2 r3: - Added: Reworked Advanced XeBuild Options panel - Added: Updated XL HDD and XL USB patches - Added: Improved UI for some dialogs - Fixed: Minor UI issues - Fixed: Broken tooltips in XeBuild panel - Fixed: Tab ordering in certain areas - Fixed: Various bugs and usability issues Kind Regards, Josh
  16. My friend, your dumps are corrupted. Common Pico issue. Usually bad soldering or it failed halfway thru. Kind Regards, Josh
  17. Hi, The retail thing is not there yet. Maybe I'll try it if I get a moment to test it. Kind Regards, Josh
  18. OK, thanks for the update. Seems to make sense. Kind Regards, Josh
  19. I'll look into this. Wouldn't be a JR bug, but possibly an issue with XeBuild or 17559. J
  20. My pleasure, thank you for the kind words and support. Kind Regards, Josh
  21. You're welcome. No, it would be entirely pointless. Just use Windows. Beside, XeBuild only work on Windows, as do most of the hardware drivers, and lastly the entire application is based around Win32 and C# WinForms. So a port would be a rewrite and I don't think there's ANY logical reason to do it. Kind Regards, Josh
  22. Hi, January Quality Update: Mostly bugfixes. V3.2.2 r2: - Added: Ability to abort PicoFlasher read/write with Esc - Added: Catch more Pico side errors gracefully - Added: UsbdSec patch support - Fixed: Older dash packages failing to load - Fixed: PicoFlasher 4GB console message mistake - Fixed: PicoFlasher not interacting with read/write status - Fixed: Checkbox UI bug - Fixed: Other minor bugs and issues Kind Regards, Josh
  23. Hi. Yes. ECC is a misnomer. HAPPY NEW YEAR! V3.2.2 is our end of year release! Changelog: V3.2.2: - Added: Improved and enhanced UI - Added: New updater UI - Added: Improved updater logic - Added: Significant internal optimization - Added: 4GB writing now shows MB progress - Added: Proper OpenXenium CPLD flashing for xFlasher - Fixed: Sequencing issues in certain operations - Fixed: PicoFlasher JTAG XeLL writing issue - Fixed: Various bugs and usability issues Kind Regards, Josh
  24. @xicret12 Hi, Problem, is your antivirus seems to be sandboxing the application or preventing it from accessing the files. Or - you are using files that you do not have right access for - or you have the files open somewhere in another software. Please try to exclude from your antivirus or make sure the files are not open elsewhere. Kind Regards, Josh
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