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  1. Dunno, I installed the game as told in many tutorials. Extract HD content from Disk 2, put it into Content/00000...../TitleID, extract Disk1 fully to GOD or XEX and put it as a normal game. Anyway, I'll just try to reinstall the game as disabling the TU did nothing. By the way, there's something with BO3 System Link gameplay. I can access any but BO3 System Link menu, it's greyed out. Something with syslink.dat, right? Don't have an Ethernet cabel near me, so I can't cheeeck it.
  2. Been trying to sort out this Medal of Honor Warfighter problem, no results yet. TU3 installed & activated, still getting that XBOX "game could not be started" error after the mission is completed. A few users also had that problem, as I see: http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/2170-medal-of-honor-warfighter-crashing/ Any solutions? I'd say there might be something wrong with the swapping from CD1 to CD2 and vicaversa as the game is multi disc (2), but the mission I'm getting the crash is like the second one of the whole campaign, so I don't think it's associated with the swapping.
  3. Ok, so I've almost fixed the BO3 compability pack thing. I can now actually start the game without the game requiring to download custom content, but now I can't access BO3 System Link. I can play BO2 etc., but can't play BO3. May this be caused by broken syslink.dat file? Can't try to delete it ATM. About the Far Cry 4 TU problem, it's still here.. Tried downloading it from serveral forums, including realmodscene, still, if you start the game with the TU activated, it says the game has been updated to an invalid version. Both game and TU media IDs are completely the same. What could be the problem?
  4. Thank you once again. I just saw that the compability pack was locked, so I'll try patching that and see if that works first. I thought that scan for TU function does scan your game list for new TUs uploaded on Unity, so I didn't use it before. Now it does recognize the TU, but still somewhy it doesn't work. Both TU&Game media ids are the same (08BF0610). I'll try another source then, I'll post if it won't work again. Thanks.
  5. sup, everyone. What's new? I just read that 0.6b update news topic, great new guys! So here I am with some questions again.. Can you actually rename a DLC/compability pack? I mean, rename the random symbols/numbers combination with your own name, just to be sure which file is which DLC. I tried doing that, checked up the DLC window in the dashboard. The DLC shows up, but the photo differs from the ones with original file name. (original one have the game icon on them, the changed ones have an icon with a guy's face or something like that :C). Will it still work though? What's wrong with the COD BO3 for me? Installed the game, the compability pack (Aurora recognizes it), the update and when I try to play the game, it says that there is some content needed to download. Yes, I did unlock the compability pack. Also, is there any difference for unlocking DLC files with hex editors through PC soft and unlocking them by using XM360? Where do I need to put the title updates files so the Aurora recognize them? I need this for larger game updates, for example Fary Cry 4 ones. Tried putting them to Content/00000000/Far Cry 4 TitleID/000B0000. Aurora doesn't recognize it, also when I try to start the game, it says that the game has been updated to an invalid version, even though Media IDs are the same. Thanks!
  6. Make sure you save the Dashlaunch settings after you edit them. EDIT: updated a little.
  7. Okay, I'll keep that in mind. Thanks! Just played some games through LiNK, it's awesome. Thank you all for keeping it alive. Is it safe to rename/change avatar of an already created profile on a RGH console? That shouldn't affect anything, I guess?
  8. OK, I'll keep that in mind. Talking about the System Link thing, tried both suggestions and nothing has changed at all. Started CoD: AW with all 6 compability packs and the newest TU (even though I'm sure that has nothing to do with my problem), with syslink.dat deleted & Aurora rebooted, nothing. System Link is still greyed out. As I said before, when I try to verify the settings, step "UPNP Capable Router detected" is always failed (but as I'm connected via cable, I think this also does nothing, jackhulk has said that too). One more thing - as I'm connected using a cable, I set my IP & DNS addresses to be automatic. Could this be the problem? Edit: dumb me.. I forgot to save the settings after editing them in the Dashlaunch application! Anyway, more questions ahead.. I join a room and nothing happens (just shows that I'm in that room, a yellow icon appears at that room window). How do I actually join the game? Need to press Multiplayer on the game itself, or what? Actually afraid a bit to don't get the chip messed up. :C Is it even totally safe to play offline games (with XBOX connected to the Internet) using these Dashlaunch settings?
  9. Oh, I need to start the game actually first and then access the System Link? I thought you can enter the System Link straight after the Aurora dashboard starts up. Thanks! By the way, by saying "LiNK enabled game", you mean all the System Link available games (list here), or there's a certain list?
  10. Here I'm again with my pitty problems. Simply can't access System Link (it's blurred in the XBOX button menu). XBOX is connected to the Internet via a cable (I'm 100% sure everything is fine with it, I'm able to download covers etc.). Dashlaunch settings changed as shown in the tutorial in this forum. What else can be the problem?
  11. Few days ago there were no cover uploaded for a game that I needed, so I decided to try to set up my own using Aurora Asset Editor (it's a good tool, Swizzy!). It was all fine until community uploaded the original cover of the game, so I'd like to get it. But as the asset file is now updated, Aurora reads it as a game with a cover, so the system doesn't download the cover from XboxUnity. Anyway to delete the cover through Aurora menu, or do I need to delete the .asset file of the cover box?
  12. Don't know what was happening yesterday, but today it's all good again. Thanks for the tip, tough!
  13. You mean just simply create an empty launch.ini file and put it to a FAT32 formatted USB stick? Plug it in and just boot the xbox? Do I need to put that empty file into some folders (can't remember where the launch.ini is originally put, root:\Hdd1 if I'm right?), or just really straight away put an empty file to the USB? Thanks!
  14. Accidentally launched the XellLaunch application (misclick), now it's stuck on the "looking for files on local media and the tftp". Tried to reboot XBOX, it doesn't launch Aurora but launches the XellLaunch application again. Can't use the middle buton to get to the Aurora, back button or something. What should I do? :C
  15. Ah, right! Now I understand it. DLCs are needed if you want to play unique gamemodes/have unique features, Compability packs are needed if you want to play using certain Title Update. Thanks again. <:
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