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  1. lol i knew that would get a reply... yea I expected to pay a lot more than 25$ for it. Money was never an issue but it seems like no one is ever interested in any commission work until you state a low price then they post only to give you grief about the price LOL. Point still stands no one wants to make any money so ill figure it out myself.
  2. so no body wants to make like 25$ throwing together a gears of war theme? oh well ill just make it myself then.
  3. Hello, I just recently modded a gears of war edition slim and would like a red/black gears of war aurora theme to go with it. please reply if you are interested in creating this for me and I will contact you to discuss further details. Thank you!
  4. The weird thing is, when Jrunner was on my c drive I got no error or anti virus pop up, when I put it on a secondary external drive was when it made the error txt and my anti-virus popped up asking to allow it
  5. Ok so I tried a few things, firstly I discovered some process was hanging open from another version stopping me from renaming a folder, so I restarted the PC and also did a clean install on another HDD, the first time I ran it, it did the same thing but gave me an error.txt and my antivirus popped up (which it never did before) so I allowed the app and restarted the program 2nd time through it ran flawlessly!! Heres the error file just in case you wanna check it out. Error2.txt
  6. Heres my OS, AVG came back clean. Am redownloading and starting from scratch. Reads and writes are all fine its just when it says Started creation of the 17559 xebuild image. it closes a couple seconds later. Nothing is blocked by defender or anyhting either.
  7. thats the thing i dont get anything in the way of an error file, it just closes and i have nothing in output i searched the folder and no error.txt I'll hunt around again when I get home.
  8. - Properly working in Windows 10! No more crashing! xbox360 trinity anytime i goto create xebuild image it closes out just like every other version of jrunner, tried all the usual as admin and compatibility modes.
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