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  1. Hi There, may we know: 1) what Kernel are you using now? 2) and have you verified that each corresponding TU activated in lieu of the activation? 3) and where is the location of the Aurora located? In Internal HDD or External HDD? Regards: InKeNET
  2. Hey there, could you please post the pictures of the abovementioned issues? I have found similar issue before, Most of the issues was because the corresponding TU wasn't present, and some issues was because of the TU downloaded was corrupted, either by no free space available or bad sector in HDD. I have also found one "friend" who have similar issue like you, turns out he NEVER activate the correct TU corresponded to the game and was using a different version trainer, most of the old trainer made by @felida was the "latest" at the time of creation, I have no issues since day-0 Please explain further about this, I don't quite understand: Hope we can find the root cause and solve this issue.
  3. Hi @felida that is why I still keep the older trainer of each games, just need a specific TU to make it work. As long as my nephews & nieces are happy playing them, I have no issues, in fact I'm very much grateful for all the trainers created & shared. 😘
  4. Hi there, and thanks @mateton As I said much earlier, it's a collections of mine only, of what I could collect, if anyone else willing to share what they already have with me, I will collect them too and add to this collections. Thank you for your kind response and co-operations 😘
  5. I want to know few things for clarifications: What storage do you have? Where did you install Aurora 0.7b? I have encountered numerous friends with similar issue, when I check the console personally, it was due to storage usage, most of them only utilized the 4Gb MMCMU and not the Internal HDD, and only few of them used Internal/External HDD but encountered similar issue, it was due to the capacity was almost 100% used up, using @Swizzy HDD cleaning scripts, it can help clean-up unneeded files such as TU and caches, make sure that previous FSD or Aurora is removed/deleted from the storage to free up some spaces, also delete/move any game or assets unused or non-critical files to another storage media. Most of the time, it helps solve all the issues, except for one - HDD corrupt, so I help him replaced with another HDD and no issues till today. I hope that helps you a bit, if you have more questions, please don't hesitate to ask again, we will try to troubleshoot it step by step -InKeNET
  6. Guys, no one knows what happened to ParaCrypt? XYZMods will be down indefinitely? 😭
  7. Here, my updated 2018 Trainers collected for Aurora: Updated Aurora Trainers (568 Titles) thanks to all contributors. 🤗
  8. Here, my updated Trainers for Aurora: Updated Aurora Trainers (568 Titles) thanks to all contributors. 🤗
  9. No worries bro @expokiki I just finished updating my existing Aurora Trainers, now I have, to date, 568 titles (including yours and the one shared by @felida), very much thankful to all the contributors, if you guys were near, I'll buy y'all a round of drinks. You guys are the best!
  10. Thanks @expokiki now need to find the game 🤣
  11. My nephews and nieces will literally throw the controllers when they died.... 😡 but that was a year ago.. now they are wiser.
  12. Please check the details of that Trainers, see what TU needed and please download the correspond TU and don't forget to Enable it before running the Trainers again
  13. Thanks, this should make my nephews & nieces experiences more "smooth" 😅 Thanks again @expokiki
  14. Thanks @felida this is a great addition to my existing collection. Edit: OK, downloaded, extracted, and I have identified most of the Title ID (for people who wondered what was it): Thanks again @felida 415607E7 Guitar Hero II 415607F7 Guitar Hero III 4156081A Guitar Hero World Tour 41560845 Blur 41560914 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare 4156091D COD: Black Ops III 4156091E TMNT: MiM 41560923 TRANSFORMERS: Dev 425307E3 Dishonored 425307E6 Skyrim 434307D2 DEAD RISING 434307DE LOST PLANET COLONIES 43430833 RESIDENT EVIL REV. 445007D3 EarthDefenseForce 2017 44500805 Earth Defense Force 2025 45410829TU5 Rock Band 45410869 Rock Band 2 45410914tu4 Rock Band 3 4B4E081F NeverDead 4B5607E8 DOA5 Ultimate 4E4D081C ACE COMBAT: AH 534307D3 Conflict: Denied Ops 555307F0 TC's GRAW2 555307F8 TMNT 55530816 TC's H.A.W.X 55530884 Rayman Origins 565707D0 Lollipop Chainsaw 58410A5A Super Meat Boy 58410B5A Awesomenauts 584111F7 Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition 58411434 Battle Academy 58411489 JUJU 584114A4 Mighty No. 9
  15. Thanks everyone, I just tried it today, and it works well, thanks again
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