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  1. Unfortunately 😞 Anyway i will do what you just said and see what happens Thanks for your response and the follow up ❤
  2. How can i do that I wanted to check it's health along time ago but never found a tool that can help me
  3. Sorry i talk to much 😅 I just upgraded to Aurora 0.7b clean So im downloading all covers, boxart and background covers again When i press download from the Assets menu it scans all my games that needs assets and download them e.g. 75 items downloading on the top right But while downloading it freezes on a number and not download anymore Everything else works fine i can add more to the download queue but it doesn't download anymore So i restart aurora and download again it freezes reapeat So i go to each game and refresh individualy some finish downloading and some freeze so i restart aurora again And the TU's don't download anymore they freeze also One second they're downloading one second they're not I had the same problem with 0.6b but not 0.5b So what am i doing wrong here.
  4. i need something with assassin's creed on it 😍
  5. i was kidding about the punch ? and i believe you don't worry and yes i don't believe the shop he is an Egyptian and we tend to lie if we see a potential customer ?? i was just telling what he told
  6. can't help myself but thinking you want to punch me in the face ? I'm just saying what i been told look the hdd pulling fabric came loose sometime ago so i open the hdd black case to put it back and then i found this clip stuck to the magnet that is all it's now removed and the console is working laggy as fuck like always nthn changed so thnx
  7. the retail shop said that he had contacts inside Microsoft and they installed the rgh then he imported a bunch of them he might be lying but the console is imported from Hong Kong and it's xbox 360 E 4gb but it had a Slim hdd in it which im holding as for the fabric thingy that allows me to pull the hdd it came out so i opened the hdd to reattach it then i found the pin on this black part of the hdd which is magnetic btw so now do i remove or put it i already removed it but do i put it back
  8. in the words of the retail shop it's only been opened once in Microsoft hong kong to install the glitch 2 could this pin make a problem for the hdd through out the time and i had a lag issue with games cutscenes only fixed temporary by erasing cache from hdd
  9. i found this on my hdd like in the photo what the hell is this doing there and can it affect the hdd this is my first time opening my hdd case
  10. Aha thnx i didn't know that They are downloading while we speak One more question please Off topic When i try to enter realmodscene from google ot blocks me due to malware And i can't go around it I have to enter the link in the bar up there to get here
  11. i can download covers fine and easy but no screenshots, synopsises, banners, or ratings deleted Aurora couple of times but nothing once or twice they downloaded but i recently formatted my HDD so everything is gone when i tried to download them again covers only got downloaded when i go to aurora store and it says download or import i press download and it gets the count (downloading 122 items) but skip through all of them and nothing downloaded but covers
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