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  1. Up for me, FINALLY, in the New York area as of 6:30am this morning. Was able to download covers and get my API key with no issue. Also, it's showing passed under Unity Authentication
  2. Even though it's up in my area, I get the same thing
  3. Seems like it's still down. I keep getting this and this
  4. Here's what it says. I can't log into Unity with my password, even though I can log in with the PC correctly. Tried it with both xhttp enabled and disabled. Even when I typed my API key in manually, it still won't let me download covers or title updates. I made my account yesterday(since the system came with a Unity account, but I made my own), and it's fully activated.....
  5. I can connect to Unity on the PC and iPad and I have my API key on the console. How would I do a link check? I'm so used to Freestyle Dash, so Aurora and Unity are new to me.
  6. I just got an RGH Xbox off eBay and I was able to download covers on Saturday when I got it. But, ever since then, I can't download anything. It says "Downloading items", but nothing ever shows up. My account info is correct for Unity, I tried deleting and readding the paths and nothing works. I even turned xhttp on and off and still nothing. When I try to connect with both of my wireless networks on Xbox's home menu, it says connection to the Internet failed and Xbox Live is blocked, but I think that's normal. So,what went wrong? I know for the last couple of days, Unity was down, but it's back up now. EDIT: Okay, I can download screenshots, synopsises, banners, and ratings, but no covers
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