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  1. thanks you saved me from a list of 1000+ games, I will use this script to solve this very important procedure forever
  2. hi, if I put my hdd or usb on another rgh the covers are no longer shown is there any solution to avoid not always downloading the covers and always renaming the names of the games?
  3. Xecuter Demon and a kit to install dual nand modification I think this guy is using some stealth plugin to get this type of screen
  4. thanks KiwiMeoWii for your information it was useful to discover this feature on jrunner that I didn't know about, I wish you a merry Christmas
  5. thanks for the information just this morning doing some research I discovered this feature on jrunner I sell lots of xbox360s customized to customer tastes and I had never noticed this feature now I will use it on my personal creation xbox360 nandwitch trial nand
  6. I found a console on ebay rgh 4gb with xdk maybe there is some solution out there I hope to find it
  7. Hi, is it possible to get this on slim consoles?
  8. I hope you will add the avatar image in the next update
  9. Could you post the download link?
  10. One of the good guys keeping this scene alive :)

  11. great job
  12. I have no words and spectacular, finally a skin worthy of being called a skin would be the most beautiful skin without discussion hoping that you will have the time to complete it and publish it and if possible also add the avatar on the home screen. It would become the default skin on all my installations of rgh that I'm selling
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