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  1. Yes, you can do that - but how do you then systematically navigate to something else you haven't played recently and don't know how far back it is? Giving this additional option allows each person to navigate how they like. My Android phone gives me the option of opening on Last Used without resorting my entire app tray. It's a common sorting method which a 360 with lots of games installed would benefit from.
  2. https://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/5274-things-not-to-ask/ Have you tried the solution above?
  3. As a user, I would like to enable the Aurora coverflow menu to remember the last item selected before the 360 is shut down, and show that first upon next startup. At the moment, the menu automatically always starts at the first alphabetically ordered xex, which is not what many people will want to boot. This could be an option to select, instead of being the default, for those who still want the menu to open on the first alphabetical item. Current flow: Boot 360 > Menu starts on Game A > User scrolls to Game F > User plays Game F > Shuts down 360 > Repeat from start Suggested flow: Boot 360 > Menu starts on Game A > User scrolls to Game F > User plays Game F > Shuts down 360 > Boot 360 > Menu starts on Game F
  4. Leogames

    XZP Tool 2.0

    That totally works for me! You are, as always, a superstar. Thank you and hope you're safe and well!
  5. If it helps you to know, I'm in the same place right now. I think the tool authors don't quite understand how confusing it all is to a newbie. It doesn't help that a lot of the tools also seem to be broken now, at least on my laptop. I can't tell if half the error messages I'm getting are because I'm doing something wrong or the tools are just broken. It's a shame as it means the scene hasn't ever been able to flourish like it deserved to. I still believe there's hope though!
  6. Thank you! I have a tweaked version and will upload ASAP. I should say though that if you mean that you like the simplicity of the icons missing, they're usually there - Aurora just removed them when I took the screenshot Otherwise, it surprises me that every coverflow layout that exists insists on an infinite style and with flows on *both* sides unless you fudge it this way. But for now, thanks again for the compliments, look out for the update and enjoy!
  7. One of the good guys keeping this scene alive :)

  8. Leogames

    XZP Tool 2.0

    Please help! XZP Tool always fails for me when it comes to the first file held in a folder.. see screenshot! Any ideas? I've tried running in Admin mode to see if it can create the Font directory - and it does, it just fails to extract anything into it and then stops
  9. Have just donated too 👍 Thanks for what you do and hope to see some more!
  10. What folder are you putting them in? On my 360 I have two places where it looks like they should go, but only one works! 😄
  11. You can donate?! How did I not see that.. I want to echo Gennaro's thoughts. I'm very late to the Aurora/RGH scene but I love my 360 consoles and they're only this good because of this team's software. I imagine it's difficult to keep developing especially when so many users seem demanding or ungrateful. But please know that so many of us realise that what you do is incredible - and we are grateful!
  12. @Jenkins87 How did you get the animated background working? I didn't know this was possible
  13. I'm glad to hear it. It doesn't look like many other people are still engaging with these boards, which is a real shame - I love my RGH 360s! So yes, let's keep the scene alive together Keep going on your cover trailer screenshots, I'm excited to see the results when you're done!
  14. Hi! I felt the same as you but for some reason this doesn't seem to have ever been so made. So I tried out a few tricks - take a look at this, it might be of interest:
  15. Aurora is a great piece of software but I'm one of those people who likes a stock look on their modified console. And we all know that NXE was the best 360 dashboard before MS started changing it with those awful tiles So I've been playing about with Aurora Coverflow Layout Editor and have managed to create this: It's a bit of a hack - CLE doesn't seem to officially let you have your library only appear on one side so I cheated and just pushed the other side off the screen entirely 😂 It's still WIP and needs a little tweaking but overall, I think it comes pretty close. The left and right motion works great. However, I don't know if it's possible to use the vertical controls to change categories without changing how Aurora works underneath. The above screenshot uses the avatar from @KiwiMeoWii but I'd like to understand from them how we can tweak that. I don't think the original NXE dashboard had the avatar in this position but it's still how I remember it, so I'm going to have it present on mine. The layout and background from this are attached in this thread. I'll keep working on this to improve it! Xbox 360 NXE 2 by LeoG.cfljson
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