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  1. Have just donated too 👍 Thanks for what you do and hope to see some more!
  2. What folder are you putting them in? On my 360 I have two places where it looks like they should go, but only one works! 😄
  3. You can donate?! How did I not see that.. I want to echo Gennaro's thoughts. I'm very late to the Aurora/RGH scene but I love my 360 consoles and they're only this good because of this team's software. I imagine it's difficult to keep developing especially when so many users seem demanding or ungrateful. But please know that so many of us realise that what you do is incredible - and we are grateful!
  4. @Jenkins87 How did you get the animated background working? I didn't know this was possible
  5. I'm glad to hear it. It doesn't look like many other people are still engaging with these boards, which is a real shame - I love my RGH 360s! So yes, let's keep the scene alive together Keep going on your cover trailer screenshots, I'm excited to see the results when you're done!
  6. Hi! I felt the same as you but for some reason this doesn't seem to have ever been so made. So I tried out a few tricks - take a look at this, it might be of interest:
  7. Aurora is a great piece of software but I'm one of those people who likes a stock look on their modified console. And we all know that NXE was the best 360 dashboard before MS started changing it with those awful tiles So I've been playing about with Aurora Coverflow Layout Editor and have managed to create this: It's a bit of a hack - CLE doesn't seem to officially let you have your library only appear on one side so I cheated and just pushed the other side off the screen entirely 😂 It's still WIP and needs a little tweaking but overall, I think it comes pretty close. The left and right motion works great. However, I don't know if it's possible to use the vertical controls to change categories without changing how Aurora works underneath. The above screenshot uses the avatar from @KiwiMeoWii but I'd like to understand from them how we can tweak that. I don't think the original NXE dashboard had the avatar in this position but it's still how I remember it, so I'm going to have it present on mine. The layout and background from this are attached in this thread. I'll keep working on this to improve it! Xbox 360 NXE 2 by LeoG.cfljson
  8. So I'm new at this, and only started using Coverflow Layout Editor tonight.. but this is what I made: It's a bit of a hack - but I've combined it with a green backdrop and your avatar skin, KiwiMeoWii, to make it resemble the NXE dashboard. I think it looks pretty good, considering. I'd like to be able to make the avatar around twice the size and move them up and right. But I don't know how to do that (It doesn't matter to me personally if the accessories go off the screen but I know not everyone feels that way!). EDIT: Instead of hijacking @KiwiMeoWii 's thread, I've started a new one:
  9. Okay, KiwiMeoWii and Gennaro.. I'm working on something that maybe I should share here soon. Thank you both so much for inspiring me to do this. Maybe you'll like it!
  10. Ah I see. But it's still impressive work! I did think (and hoped) it was the homescreen but if Aurora makes that impossible then obviously that's not your fault.
  11. Thank you so much for sharing all this info. But wait - you built this in Aurora? That looks incredible! It's pretty much exactly what I was looking for. I would just add the avatar to this and change the colour scheme to Xbox 360 green/grey. It's truly inspirational to see that it can be done
  12. Ahhh, thanks for the information. So displaying the avatar has been possible for a while, but you've changed the position so that it's always useful in this way? Is that right? Do you mind me asking how you did this? If it's a publicly available tool, I might try it myself to achieve the look I want -- Edit: When I said stock earlier, that wasn't actually what I meant. It seems I meant the NXE/Kinect dashboard or at least some variant of it. Modern stock aka Metro is horrible!
  13. So I'd like to try multiplayer for Outrun Online Arcade. Unlike Outrun 2 or Outrun 2006: Coast to Coast, it doesn't have system link so is/was XBLA only. I've read the following about the game: "I can't speak for the PS3 release (Wouldn't surprise me if it has gone offline by now), but the Xbox 360 version remains online. Unlike on the PC/PSP/PS2/PS3, there's nothing here for Sega to turn off. Matchmaking and leaderboard functions are handled by the standard Xbox Live service that has to run anyways to support online multiplayer in general for the platform. And player matches are hosted via P2P, the norm on the Xbox 360 outside of EA published titles (As it was on the original Xbox). Online support isn't going anywhere until Xbox Live support ends for the platform. Just like Outrun 2 and Coast 2 Coast on the original Xbox that lasted right up until the end." So my question is, as this is a P2P game should it work okay without risking a ban on XBLA - or do you risk a ban just by virtue of logging onto XBLA at all? I'm assuming there's no way to manually recreate online multiplayer for it, not least as no multiplayer server was ever needed for this game.
  14. Thanks for the tip - although I think I've done that and it's still showing for me 😕 I'll check my system again to make sure..
  15. This is fantastic! Being new to Aurora, I was only wondering the other day if it was possible to show the avatar and now I've seen this Is it possible, even just in theory, to: 1) Add this to a different skin if I already have a different? 2) To change the size and position of the avatar? I'm trying to recreate stock as close as possible within Aurora at the moment.. 😇 Great work!
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