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  1. It did work before but now I changed the router to one which uses a sim card. I bought this one after it said that there is UPNP support. But after checking it out, I got a surprise when both data ports check failed. Anyways, I will try it out today and tell you the result. My data port is 1110 and broadcast port is 1111, can you tell me which one should be set to TCP and which one to UDP?
  2. Hi,I have read many tutorials on how to connect to system link. When I verify it, every thing except the last two, data port reachable and broadcast port reachable do not connect and fail. My upnp is enabled from the router and I am sure that my dashlaunch settings are perfect. I think there is some problem with the router settings. I have tried to change but still I get the same problems. Can anyone tell me the correct settings?
  3. Thank you. U helped me a lot and I really love your work.
  4. Thanks a lot. Should both the Xbox and the laptop be on a wired connection? I have not used ftp before I used Xbox neighborhood. Can u please tell how to connect FTP.
  5. I just installed Aurora 0.5b. I want to know if I can change my game covers manually. And where can we find the background covers on xboxunity.net as I know that there we can change covers manually by uploading covers. But what are the size and formats of the covers.
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