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  1. Hello I'm looking for players for system link on Halo Reach.
  2. I do it so that you first turn on FS3 and when we go fan then you turn on Aurora.
  3. Thank you. I have xboxunity.net but i had the wrong settings in the router forwards
  4. Hello How to install Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare on xbox 360 ? When i play game the game start and then black background. Thenk you for reading.
  5. Here installer aurora with link. http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/3848-tuthow-to-setup-aurora-with-system-link/
  6. Hey don't use FSD3. You must use aurora 0.2b. And JQE360.com don't exist. At now is XboxUnity.net
  7. No I want to play a system link. A steal at the mistakes that I had not noticed. And I am from Czech Republic.
  8. Hello There is a need to link the call of duty black ops 2 xbox live or you can just install xbox live steal? I apologize for the mistake in the text, I translated it via google translator. thank you for reading.
  9. Sorry i have there error no can but How can
  10. Hello How can i play multiplayer with cracked the game Battlefield 4 or any other game without xbox live? Thank you for reading. I apologize for any errors in the text, I did it through google translator.
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