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  1. Hi, I am trying to play BO2 zombie maps with a friend in split screen. the game without installing TU or dlc is running fine in split screen but when i install the latest tu and all new maps using horizon, once i press on the 2nd profile the console crash and shutdown. - I have checked the matching of title id and media id. - Tried the tutorial of modded warfare to copy dlc to content folder on my hdd but the game didn't apply the new content. - Console works fine in solo play with all dlc installed. Help please and thank you
  2. Thank you for your replay didn't expect someone to replay to minecraft topic. Yes i did as you ask and its an xbox 360 save. I tried many sources from moded xbox sites but the problem is the console itself crash and shut down i remember when i played gta v i had to upgrade my kernel version to run it. Maybe someone in the community encounter such thing could help. Again thanks for the reply.
  3. Hi I have minecraft with TU 65 and all dlc's, I downloaded custom save made by the community when i try to start the save xbox just shut down. I used horizon to install the game, dlcs, tu and save game to external hard drive "main games directory" IF anyone could help please.
  4. Is this fake or legit ? http://ps4portal.net/ps4-jailbreak-official-cfw/ And in future can i rest ps4 to factory settings? THX
  5. My kernel is 17349 should i update? is there any risk or its just normal update ?
  6. I just updated minecraft TU to TU67 using Horizon and added custom world, When i load the world, screen go black and shut down my jtag. Kernal: 17349.
  7. lol, i realized its stupid question sorry anyway thank you very much
  8. Ok it's good that i got it back to the previous kernel and it work Now i am hesitate to re installing the new kernel I just did as "Jtag Tutorial #39 by xXModdedWarfareXx' and that what happened I don't want to bother you sir and take your time, i am an offline player so what i need to know is there any upcoming game will require the new kernel?
  9. I didn't use any plugins just extracted flashdmp.bin via simple nand flasher and updated with the latest kernel that i download it from this topic
  10. Plz help I have updated my jtag to the 17489 kernel version and when i start xbox after logo end xbox shut down i had update it before with no problems
  11. Hi, I have a jtag xbox 360 and when i play COD black ops 2 i join hosted rooms via system link, till here everything is fine but when i try to connect to any server in BO2 system link xbox shut down suddenly I have tested the game through abgx360 there was no problem
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