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  1. This is too bad. It's like a disease. I played few times well. Then the "Unable to join the game session" error. Then with few tries again it worked. After few plays "Unable to join the game session" showed up again. Now it'll not work even for a single time. Really sad.
  2. Anyone got any solutions for "Unable to join the game session" error? This is really annoying. I'm very tired and angry of this..
  3. SLOgamer123 Thanks bud i got the link in my mail. And JPizzle sorry for the braking of rules. I didn't fomat the partition. Just copied the files and replaced. After that HALO2 works fine. But not san andreas.
  4. mmmm i remember seen something about LEDs. Or i must be mistaken.
  5. 2007 hacked. Somewhere i found 2011 files. Tried that too. Can you link me to a PAL ISO that worked fine? It will be a big help BL4K3Y
  6. Tried 3 times. Tried via FTP, SMB, USB. No luck.
  7. Jasper. And XellLaunch shows up perfectly. After loading the elf display goes sleep.
  8. m4heshd

    What is Fakelive

    Yeah buddy i know that and thanks. And i can't go live cuz my profile is a custom made Live one. so I'm just curious about this Fakelive thing.
  9. I'm pretty sure xeBuild can do these things..
  10. m4heshd

    What is Fakelive

    Ohhh that's great. And what are the disadvantages of Fakelive? What happens with the NXE if Fakelive turned on. I have a Live profile. Is it somehow affects that?
  11. Can someone kindly tell me what is Fakelive in dashlaunch? What are the advantages i can get through that? Thanks.
  12. This does not work for me. Tried via XellLaunch and DashLaunch. Display turns off completely and nothing happens. Why is that?
  13. Please somebody help me. I've done everything fine & HALO 2 works perfect. But i can't play san andreas. Keep getting the following error. But San Andreas has worked for lots of people. "This original Xbox game has encountered a problem and can't continue. For more info go to www.xbox.com/support. X: 5805.0 B: 1884.0" Thank u all and i really need this help.
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