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  1. I also can't join game sessions but i do see them. if i create a game than other people can join me , and after someone has joined me i can later join other games. is there a fix for that problem ?
  2. I pass the tests and i can see the matches on the system link menu , but i cannot connect to them. if i open a match ,then other people have no problems in joining me..
  3. I DO SEE ROOMS , I JUST CAN'T JOIN THEM . IN MW2 I GET AWATING CONNECTION 1-2-3-4 .. and then bah'm Main Menu with messege 'couldn't connect to the host'
  4. I don't think so, today somebody i tried to join and faild to ,successfully joined my game..
  5. they are both enabled. XLINK and XBSlink were working fine before. but in LiNK i get connection timed out or unable to join game session error.. but other people can join my games no problem.. it's weird S:
  6. I passed all the LiNK tests, and i can see game sessions in system link in every game, but i can't join i get an error "couldn't join the game". if I create a game myself people can join me and play. I use Internet Sharing. My PC is wirelessely connected to the routher, and my RGH is connected to the PC with wire. I forwarded the ports and tests pass each time. What could be the problem ?
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