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  1. thx for this Information, do you know any Link or an Member that i could ask about this ? the only thing i must know is HOW to write an Plugin and which Programms i need for this. Hopefully you can say something about this THX !!
  2. Also have a look that devlink is activated @Dashlaunch 3.04
  3. Hi Guy´s, i think some of you remember the Feature in FSD 1.20 where the ROL can shows the Temperatur of the 360. Now i looking for an Dashlaunch Plugin or an HowTo for something like that: let the PowerLed shine Red let the PowerLed show the activity from Hdd etc etc something like that. Or does anyone knows where i can find an How To to wright an Plugin ? Please help me with this so i can make this for the hole Community !! In our German Forums there a many People who looking for something like that. THX !!!
  4. Thank You Phazon, i think i have to google many hour´s to find an answer or an way to make this :-)
  5. thx for your answer, my thirst though was also XNA, but you only can make games with this or you have to install XNA Framework on your 360 ... i want to port any little browser to xbox360 and start this with an .xex file, so everyone can use this browser. but my problem is, that i didn´t know which programm compiles xex ....
  6. Hi Guys, first sorry for my broken English ... i´m from Austria .... I would like to ask if it´s possible to porting an TinyBrowser to an RGH XBox. About many Post´s i have read, they say with SDK every Box needs an Framework ... not every User has this :-/ So is it possible to make an .xex to start the Browser from FSD ? If yes what Programm´s do i need for this ? Whitch Language is nessesary ? C# C+,C++ ...... Thanks for Answers ! greetings Mike
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