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  1. I need some desperate help with this. First, I am on TU6. I have the update in my cache folder and replaced the xex's. I have my patch loaded and it works fine in system link. Now my problems: When I load up MW2 after signing in to LiNK(Signing into JQE360 in the settings menu) I will try to join a room but after I click system link I get this: Lobby: Room: Players: 155 Users(Sometimes just 1) Type: Lobby Then below where there is usually names, there is a bunch of blank spots and on the right hand side, there will be japanese letters or boxes. When i hit LB to go to the left tab, I get "Fatal Crash Intercepted." The one time it did work, there was two lobbies with just squares and japanese letters. Next Problem: I go to link.jqe360.com and sign in. It lets me join a room but then: http://gyazo.com/340a4d9cd04f2cb1e625a6afad5e6a17 It says I am TU0 but yet I am running TU6 and actually playing in my own game with a TU6 patch. I can not join any games in that room. I tested link in the plugin settings on the dashboard and everything passed. I had my friend set up LiNK on his JTAG and he gets the exact same problems. LiNK used to work on my RGH when it first came out too. I can post my launch.ini or anything that would help. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
  2. I'm getting this problem with MW2 also
  3. So I downloaded FSD 3.0.402 or the one in the topic about LiNK. I followed all of the settings in the tutorial, everything passed and everything is as exact. When i boot up MW2 or BO2 from the Games, i press the Guide button and there is no system link option. Any help?
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