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  1. Since i installed Dashlaunch and FSD on my Xbox, i can't anymore hold B !i didn't noticed but recently, i deleted Dashlaunch and The B is back! i downloaded a new version of dashlaunch, installed it, and holding B is gone!one more thing, i have 4 controllers, i noticed that always the 1st controller is the one who has the problem the others work perfectly, here's a resume of my problem :Without Dashlaunch: Everything works!With Dashlaunch: Controller 1 : Holding B don't work! Controller 2 : Holding B work! Controller 3 : Holding B work! Controller 4 : Holding B work!I know this is a weird problem, But i appreciate Help
  2. Finally it works :Dyou won't believe the solution : the problem is in the kernel i updated both of them to the kernel 16203 and it worked Thnks to those who helped me
  3. It didn't work hey, what about the (single ip adresse / multi ip adresse) can anywone explain to me ! when i use it everything disconnect ! why ? is it the solution to my problem? and what is the difference between (DMZ / Virtual Server) because i'm using Virtual Server and Single IP Adresse
  4. Well, i only tried this in CoD Black Ops IIand yeah every time i try it, we play together for at least 1 minute than one of the two xbox get out to the main lobby RANDOMLY without giving any Msgsabout ports: each xbox has it's own ip adresse, ports : i opened 3000 to 3100 for xbox 1 3200 to 3300 for xbox 2 ports time?? don't know about this (can you explain plz) one more thing: i forwarded ports in (NAT-->Virtuel Server-->Single (not multiple: because when i choose multiple every device disconnect from wifi even Computers))
  5. Hey Guys, i wanna try something but it didn't work for me, well i wish you help me :)so i have 2 xbox : - Xbox Slim : kernel 16203 , dashlaunch 3.07 , FSD 3 rev 735 - Xbox Elite (Phat) : kernel 16202 , dashlaunch 3.07 , FSD 3 rev 735 and i wanna play with link on both of them in one place on the same router, so when i get to the game (BO2) i can connect both xbox to the same room, see each other and can join each other, while playing, after a while one of the xbox get to the main lobby, tried again and again, we play for some time than one of xbox get out please help Thanks
  6. kernel updated, dashlaunch and freestyle reinstalled, link configurednow everything is good
  7. Nothing didn't workwell i think i will try to update my kernel and see thanks anyway JPizzle
  8. Okey, i will try and then tell you what happens
  9. Hi guys, i have a big problem i'm on xbox slim glitch with FSD 3 rev 735 , dashlaunch 3.07, kernel 15574; my problem is when i play a game and than want to go to FSD it freezes on a black screen every time; could that be a kernel problem, should i update to 16203? please help me; and keep the good work team, can't wait for the next big thing thanks
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