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  1. thank you very much I'll try it, sorry for not answering you before, I was on vacation and until now I got home
  2. Ah, I see. thank you very much. so how could I build the nand image and how to flash it? If you want you could give me a link to the forum to know how to do these two procedures You have helped me a lot, thanks
  3. I made the preparations, when turning it on it goes directly to the aurora but when I want to go to the original menu of the xbox I get the fatal error crash intercepted and it directs me back to the aurora. If I do not connect the USB drive, turning on the xbox will also show the fatal error crash intercepted, but after that I can enter the original xbox menu then connect the USB drive and enter the aurora thanks to the xexmenu and now I can return to the interface previous but will still appear the fatal error crash intercepted but there will be no problem because I can enter the original interface then may the nand be corrupt?
  4. well. I have the launch.ini to start aurora. when turn it on then you are telling me to set the launch.ini by default, if so, what should I do to have the launch.ini by default? forgive the redundancy, I'm confused
  5. ok guy, but I did not understand the last thing especially the part of placing the launch.ini and the copy of aurora in the usb unit, if I have already placed it a while ago there could you explain it to me clearer? What a pity to bother him so much
  6. if I work but now I create another problem, by placing the default.xex in the root I went to dash and reinstall it and take the opportunity to route aurora.exe but now I do not want to address the original xbox menu and I get the fatal crash intercepted message and it does not let me access I can play less bad sorry for my english, I am learning this great language
  7. good morning what happened is that I got into configuration and accidentally clicked on uninstalling dashlaunch but then the console was frozen and restarted but now it does not progress anymore from the xbox logo please help :(
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