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  1. The IPv4 Address appearing on laptop while connection via my Wifi network is
  2. Smart question, but too late, I just sold out my non-mod xbox couple of day ago
  3. I really do not know if that is internal network issues or what. Because I also have another xbox which is not modded and I easily connect that xbox on Xbox Live via wireless. Does my answer make sense?
  4. Yes, I am entering a valid unity account. In fact I made two with doubt that probably one was case sensitive. Both perfectly works fine via the website using a laptop. Someone told me that I may require to port forward on router. Do you think that is require, if yes, how?
  5. Yes, I did disable LiveStrong in Dashlaunch. It does show an IP address on Aurora but does not help in retrieving the key.
  6. @DerSammler: Yeah I know the screenshot for network setting is confusing. When I open network it shows all ticked but when I run the tests, results show different which you can see in the pics. How I make sure it is actually connecting to the internet and there is no firewall blocking?
  7. @derSammler: I did that and kept it as is for days, but I could not do anything on it like no cover download and etc.
  8. Dear all - I'm very beginner in terms of modding Xbox 360. I have a modded Xbox 360 (phat) which I got it modified from my local market (shopkeeper). Subsequently, I managed to install Xex Menu (working perfectly fine and managing to download games and play it via hard disk). Later, I installed Dashlaunch that is also working fine. Finally, installed Aurora and there I am stuck. It has been installed and it does launch perfectly. However, when I try to put my unity id and password it does not automatically retrieve the ID. I am able to use the same id and password on aurora via using a laptop. The photos of the error, dash launch settings, aurora settings and network settings are attached. Can someone look at it and tell me what I am doing wrong? Can someone please help to fix it? Thank you.
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