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  1. sorry but u're wrong that exactly what it does! it makes it more user friendly and it's not old thinking! PS4 ...does it, Metro UI does it.... are thoes old too? U try to tell me that i am backwards thinking and whatever..but truth is, i just showing u a style that has proved itself to work and it works just great i just said my opinion ..and also explaind why it logic ..see my phone example i can live with the fact that it does exist only with skins i am fine with that ...but i am still hoping u guys oneday see the advantages of tabs. I think it's clearer that way
  2. WARNING CONSTRUCTIV CRITIC COMING IN, DONT BE BUTTHURT: still FSD>Aurora because of two simple points, Aurora is not user friendly at all! FSD copies Microsofts Dash ..Microsoft is a big company, which knows what they are doing, u dont like Microsoft or u think they are stupid ..okay how about Nintendo ..Apple...Playstation...Google..they all do it the SAME WAY CAUSE IT WORKS!!! . <--- first Point as soon as u boot up FSD u know what to do ..it's so easy ...no fliter ..no nothing ...u want to play xbox 360 games ...go to the big Xbox 360 Tab ...u want to play Arcade ...well go to Arcade u boot up Aurora ...huh? where are all my games, or even worse u see all 500 of them. I get the Idea, u wanted something to boot direct into your games right? it's not practical, if you have so many sub folders. it's like u say i want my phone to boot directly into the dailer ...no thats bad! 2. No Sound in Dash, ever heard something called ambiente? if you want a great experience? well sound will help you! 3. u handle critic pretty bad over here so i am pretty sure i wont be heard, but even if you dont do it, please at least consider it. u work for free, all ur work is so much appreciated! dont think otherwise. BTW the Choose your Cover Option! I dont know whos idea that was ..but damn that a great one! Thank you! bye
  3. hi, i would love to know if it is possible to make a theme that is shaped like the freestlye dash? I think the team behind this dashboard is doing a great Job, but i think that filters are not the way to go. Would love to see just tabs, the best solution for keeping everything in place. sorry if that is the wrong place for my post cheers
  4. i said it in version 1 and i will say it again now ...the filter are bullshit ..use tab´s...okay now start crying
  5. ok i apologize again. like i said, do what you want i dont care anymore
  6. lol really??? okay bann me i can life without you ..using words like fu*king ..and sh*t ..that's real mature. If you can't handel request why u making it public? keep it for yourself. all i did was give you my oponion ...you guys suck, and your filters suck too how about that...cant you see every second somebody is asking for it????. cause it's a (with your words) fu*king logic move to do!!! look at ps4, look at wii ,look at M$ xbox, look at F3, look at Nintendo ds (flashcards) look at Ps3 look at Ouya and Android, look at fu*king...evvveryythinnng what do you think they did to sort games ...no not filters ...yeah tabs bingo! and you know why ...cause it works..but you smarter right ...do what you want. i dont care anymore it. ...if you got so hurt about the word "suck" i apologize, but what you said is much worse. bye
  7. i stil think that filter suck...bring tabs guys ..dont be so stubborn about it!....
  8. okay i see than i gonna stay with Freestyle...good luck you guys! you have good piece of software there.
  9. looks are secondary. ..it must be functional primary! So think about different things! first: how so i catalog my collection..answer-> Tabs the most efficient way ...IOS , Windows Android use Folders FS3 uses Tabs Second: how do i organize my collection..answer-> filters...and a file Manager ...delete, move or copy as u wish! very important! third how do i move from A to B ..answer --> shortcuts like 'Favorit' are great ...but also having the xbox guide Button to ( the big xbox button in the middle) things like the file manager or something. like that is neat, also FS3 did have ...start last played game with 'Y' .....really sweet used it a lot! a good way to reach things faster! skin ..wallpaper...Avatar ..and things like that are cool as well but should not be the focused at first...thats it ..what comes is up to you ..good luck guys, if you want to try something different..and approche it on a nother way ..why not. if it still is as efficient ..i am with it. looking forward ..keep us updated we are excited!
  10. yeah, i see u right ..but when it conflicts they should consider doing somethingso for me it's only missing - file manager - Tabs i saw u can download trailers besides screenshots thats cool..it dont work but...i did request this back in the freestyle time ..my post must still be around on this forum ..called why not freesstlye 4 or something like that ^^ lot's of cool ideas lol Edit: haha i found it, it's from sep. 2013 and sounds a lot like aurora lolol here check it out. http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/2360-what-about-freestyle-4/?fromsearch=1
  11. well, the dash (in this case Aurora) starts the default.xex like it should, but in this case the game only run with the game.xex! as far as i read on the internet, you could just name the game.xex --> default.xex and rename the old one different. The Bad thing is that (i did not try it to be honest, maybe someone could confirm) the TU´s are not working as they should as they conflict with the game.xex somehow, cause they need the original default.xex as far as i understood as far as i read ...you could go, rename it back as it was ...download the TU ...again ..name the game.xex to default ...again name the (old)default.xex different...and so on, which maybe works but sounds like a pain in the ass to me maybe there is a fix for that i am not sure ....but i was thinking ...could you add something like a code ...if game.xex is available use to start ..else use default.xex .while donwload TU´s with default.xex ..haha...i am not good at coding, but you get the idea
  12. could you look into the game.xex problem? i mean like watch dogs
  13. so today i updated it via in built updater ..everything went great ...maybe a update pop up massage/notification would be good...only thing missing are tabs and a file manager ...you could use 1:1 the one FS3 used, it's actually not bad (talking about the file manager) if you want to distance yourself from FS3 it's understandable, but if you cool with it just put a skin on it and you good to go...till maybe someday you come up with something better
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