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  1. omg broo thanks so much, it works perfectly, the music sounds wonderful, thanks again bro
  2. today i tried again but with another perfil and it run perfectly, omg im so stuped i never tried that before, but thanks
  3. hello very good I have a problem with the game Injustice Gods Among Us and Mortal Kombat 9 on my RGH console, when I start it says "dirty disk" error please clean, I have tried everything such as downloading it from another page, running it from disk Hard internal and external but nothing works, the most curious thing is that a few months ago I had those 2 games and I was going perfectly but now those errors jump exactly in those 2 games, help!
  4. ohh, no problem bro, thanks so much man, i was trying but i didnĀ“t know how, I'm going to try it and then I'll tell you if it worked;)
  5. bbichertt@gmail.com , can you put this music on the menu please? Project_Borealis_OST_13_Chiral_Anomalies_-_oDownloader.mp3
  6. Please, Can you make a version without the avatar in the menu?
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