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  1. I checked a few times but I didn't have a chance to try it. No problem appears. because xbox is not with me bichert74.xzp By_Srealmoreno_Elegant_Without_Avatar.xzp
  2. tell me your email address and music. nobody is interested these days
  3. I have tried all kinds of ways but I could not add music in any way. I would like someone to add music to this theme and I can use my own music by changing the place.
  4. Wonderful thanks. When will it be ready ?
  5. i dont known jtag versiyon. I do not do this operation. Can I get any programs cpu key
  6. Hello there ; I am using 3 XBox 360.Jasper 512MB model is faulty.Nand getting. Use Nand Flasher 360 66mb and 512mb no error. CPU can not get the key. Eject not working. Xelleus, XellReloded XBR update ok. Nand editor to open BAD KV. Need Cpu key Jasper 512 MB Open nand XBR Jasper 4.1 Dashboard 8955 Kernel 1888 Cb 6273 Who can help. I send my nand file. Thank you
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