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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I'm fairly new to the modding scene so excuse any misuse of terminology. So I've been using FDS3 for a couple of days, and had my Fan Speed set through the dashboard at 75%. Today I installed the latest stable release of Aurora and, seeing as there is no Fan Speed setting in the Dashboard itself, went to DashLaunch to set the desired speed. After trying out manual fan speed and different temperature targets, I set every temperature to target 50°C and left the manual fan speed unchecked. After I shutdown my console I notice that the fan keeps running. Is this normal? It didn't happen before messing with the DashLaunch settings.
  2. Post edited, link to my new skin, for Aurora 0.5b: S.H.I.E.L.D. Deep Blue http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/5368-shield-deep-blue-skin-aurora-05b-by-sm0k3-tr4c3r-based-on-darkside-by-matteita/ Here it is, after long hours researching the bowels of the base skin, "Aurora 0.4b Deep Blue". I hope you enjoy it as much as me !!! To complete yours Skin, this time i will give you a link to a very goods FakeAnim Videos: Particle particle.wmv http://youtu.be/LAskd1jwSwc Metal Logo http://youtu.be/E_BfRd7A7Bc (Download this with JDowloader for now) S.H.I.E.L.D. 0.5B Deep Blue by Sm0k3 Tr4cer (based on DarkSide by MatteIta) http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/5368-shield-deep-blue-skin-aurora-05b-by-sm0k3-tr4c3r-based-on-darkside-by-matteita/ AURORA 0.4B DEEP BLUE CUSTOM SKIN by Sm0k3 Tr4c3r (This comes with Alternate SplashScreen "Sm0k3 Tr4c3r Logo") Aurora 0.4b Deep Blue Custom Skin.rar Guide Button Spanish Plugin: Guide Button AURORA PLUGIN (Esp).rar Old Versions: Aurora 0.3 Deep Blue by Sm0k3 Tr4c3r.rar SCREENSHOTS: - - - - - - - - - - - - - (This background only available on 0.3b version // 0.4b version changes this submenu) - - Aurora 0.3 Deep Blue by Sm0k3 Tr4c3r.rar Aurora 0.4b Deep Blue Custom Skin.rar Guide Button AURORA PLUGIN (Esp).rar particle.wmv In a few days, i will start a new proyect of Skin, for now, i'm working in the convertion of all my games to GOD format, because i upgrade my 4gb Xbox 360 to 4TB!!! Yes, 4TB... (Internal Hdd 1Tb, External USB 3.0 Hdd 3Tb) Finally: http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/5368-shield-deep-blue-skin-aurora-05b-by-sm0k3-tr4c3r-based-on-darkside-by-matteita/ Greetings!!! Sm0k3 Tr4c3r _________________________________________________________ Y0u c4n ch00s3 th3 g4m3, but n0t ch4ng3 th3 rul3s...
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