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Found 114 results

  1. Hey guys, I'm from germany and i want to connect me to the System Link. But only the UPNP failed in the settings and i can't connect to system link :/ I unlocked the ports in my router. And there iaren't who i can manage UPNP. Please help (router:speedport w724V) I'm sry for my bad english
  2. I have just find this i didnt know if you know that but there is any chances to add a room or something to Xbox Classic Games because they can use freetyle plugin to play in link just an idea
  3. Hello, Anyone has an idea where to find the two dlcs for Borderlands The Pre-Sequel? thx
  4. Please help guys. I'm setting up link and everything is passing but the broadcast ports. I'm assuming it's something i need to do on my router. I have an huawei mobile modem if that will help. Thanx guys
  5. Hello... Well the thing is: I don't know how to install xell reloaded v0.993, the real issue is I know NOTHING about how to install it, i see tutorials all over the internet, but I just can't understand them, I have a corona slim... and that is all I know about the topic, please help, I need a very detailed info on how to do it, i'm not very good at these things, i want info on what programs I need, how do I get the info they need and how to use them if it's not too much to ask Thanks
  6. Skin -Green.Xbox- [AURORA 0.4B] The first Release This Skin is Based in Paradise of Mattelta. Enjoy it Updated to http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/4548-skin-xone-aurora-04b/ Green Xbox.xzp X-One.xzp
  7. Hi I have strange problem with my glitched xbox360. I've tried various boards (american, russian, polish) and nobody knows what's the reason.So please forgive me my mistakes ;_; You're my last hope. So here it is: My xbox drops connection with the LAN and internet after few seconds.It's not fault of the ftp app, or ethernet cable or xbox's apps issue, i've tried it with various ftp programs, different xbox servers (aurora, fsd, xexmenu and probably dashlaunch), direct connection with pc and diferent cable.It makes downloading updates, covers etc. impossible, not mentioning transfering the files over the LAN. On the otherhand xell works like a miracle, I can download all of the keys etc. without a problem.Well, i've even updated my dash few few months ago trough the lan, and it works (but problems with connection are same). Do you know any solution? Thank you.
  8. hello looks have seen that there plugins for dashlaunch to connect to live will not be able to do the same but say by connecting to a public server as well as LINK?
  9. Just a couple little quick fakeanim's for the community... http://youtu.be/-cHmXmOnX1I ----- Bootanim 2.wmv PREVIEW http://youtu.be/nzRo9r_3GuM ---- Bootanim 3 (Retro Style).wmv PREVIEW Bootanim 2.wmv Bootanim 3(Retro Style).wmv
  10. Jhonatan Jhow

    COD AW

  11. Hi, can I just downgrade my Xbox to 16747 dashboard? Is there any problem? I installed the new one (16... something) and there's no Dash Launch for it.
  12. HEY, I just got my rgh xbox and i hace fsd3 and when i go to link test it says everything is passed but the only thing with the ports doesnt pass (fail) here is my cmd: http://i.gyazo.com/4b72c2d6644f909a48808721e15331b5.png and here is what the port that i forwoarded http://i.gyazo.com/cc105b27355b913335d6cd009d773c56.png it should work fine but it doesnt work (the ports says fail 2 lines the rest is ok but i cant play link) plz help me i just got it and im very wanna play ty..
  13. Kobi Cohen

    Requested skin

    Hey i was waching some rgh videos and i want ti ask what is that skin? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgSn3BA9XjU&list=UUms0_tZkXYCvFtXsRcZjoiw it comes with the dream theme? ty
  14. hi my console to update 16756 and I wonder if they will get a version of dashlaunch for that dash else who develops the dashlaunch to ask something
  15. aviaviv

    Black ops I DLC

    hey everyone, so i checked some videos in youtube of the black ops I DLC before many time but i still cant find the file to download them for my Jtag. So, can someone pls send me those files? It will be very appreaciated. BTW, i know to download them to xbox, just copy the link here to the files.
  16. Hello people from liNK, I would like to make a clan on call of duty ghosts/black ops 2/modern warfare 3 so we could be a team. plz contact me: kik: stenvl gmail: goodbetterbesttutorials@gmail.com
  17. Hi I am Brazilian and to have a serious problem on my xbox 360 HD, I need more formatalo my windowns 7 PC does not recognize the HD and I can not format the drive for xbox because of error E68've seen several solutions on youtube furums blogs nothing solved the xbox rgh xell only league in the xell le HD. Intão there any way to format the drive for xbox 360 xell if there is another way digan me please
  18. I used the software autoGG with this guide: [VIDEO] [/ VIDEO] When i did 03:52 minutes action (IP FLASH) When the commend was over the Xbox did not turn on since REBOOT .. here is communication between the remote to the Xbox but it does not fully runnes, only the middle dot on the Xbox appears .Not turn on at all, that's how it always .. connecting. (All four Remote control lights are flashing) http://up407.siz.co.il/up1/ymym50tk2fyn.jpg
  19. Im searching Players for Operation Flashpoint Dragonrising, just write me
  20. For sale WYOMING. Asking $320. price includes shipping. I will only ship in U.S. Message me if you're interested. I would prefer PayPal for a secure transaction. As soon as I ship, I will message you the tracking info. I will also include shipping insurance. HARDWARE: 320GB Slim Corona. Clear case mod w/ blue leds, clear quiet fan mod w/ leds. Clear shell controller FIRMWARE: Freestlye dash 3, Dashlaunch 3.10, XEX Menu, XM360 KV IS NOT BANNED! SOFTWARE: Coolrunner XELL Reloaded (bootable with eject button) Emulate XBOX original, NES, Super NES, N64, and more. 20+ Extras included on HDD TONS of work went into modding it from a stock white 4GB slim.
  21. Hello. My name is Antony Scafa (Tony SSS),and I'm new to this forum. I'm here to need help resolving a problem that refeers to Borderlands 2,one of my favorite FPS of all time, Basically the problem is this: When I pick up a weapon and I go to my inventory backpack screen the weapon that I picked up dosen't show there. And the weird thing is that no matter how left the space of my inventory is(say for example 35/39)the guns that I pick up still don't show on the inventory(and this happens only with guns and not granades,class mods,shields etc...),unless... ...I don't exit from the game and come back,then the guns actually do now appear in the inventory screen so that I can use them. And i also wanna point out that this problem did not occurred when i didn't have all the DLC's of the game before I downloaded and putted 'em,because i couldn't play System Link for the reason that the game said I didn't have the requested Downloadable Contents and the latest compatibility pack. If you have time,feel free to reply letting me know how to fix this problem if you know what to do(cuz I really don't know what to do here). OR You can also PM me if you want. P.S. Greetings,cuz you're all awesome here!(and thx to all of you who made me happy when I discovered that I CAN play online with RGH thx with LiNK and FSD 3) But seriously,I couldn't beileve it was possible thx to all of you who made LiNK. Thanks.
  22. gilson

    RGLoader ask

    Translated from Google Translator: I have a jasper with reset glitch, banned from live. I want to change my console KV for a KV who has access to live, to use with the plugin xeLive. I heard about RGLoader that transforms an xbox reset glitch retail for a reset glitch with devkit, and that its use is for development purposes, but it is also possible to "create" one KV with it, and access to live. My goal is not play online, is access something like: netflix, youtube, ie ... can anyone help me?
  23. when i click on a game - options - manage title updates - Download TUs - HDD it gets stuck ! WHY ? it have work every time and now it DONT WORK ANYMORE ( [sORRY FOR BAD ENGLISH] please help me :/
  24. hi, i have problem with my system link i have newest fsd and dash lunch 3.07 , when iam testing link every thing pass and i join loopy on link menu then open black ops multi player and when iam open system link find host nothing gome up and i press refresh but nothing :question:pleas help me
  25. Hello, I bought a new Hard Disk, I converted it from NTFS to FAT32 and still the XBOX not reading it ... There are games in the HDD and still, not read it. ( I also tried to copy from friend Hard Disk FREESTYLE files but that did not solve the problem) at my previous HDD everything was working properly .. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ 1.Any of the entrances is not reading it (not the back or front) 2.I connect the HDD for XBOX and is receiving power but the XBOX does not respond to it ... (Not opened a new drive STOREG) in the settings) here is the HDD photo .... And here a link to his site .. The HDD is a 1TB Does anyone have an idea of what is the problem?.. And how to solve it? Thanks for helpers !!!
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