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Found 7 results

  1. Hello guys, I'm trying to upgrade my Xbox 360 (Corona v2 4GB) to the latest kernel 175711 in order to apply M$ avatar updates. But everytime I try to upgrade from my current version 16547 it flashes ok, but the version stays the same. I thought it was because I had a very old version of kernel, so I first tried to upgrade to 16767 but even this one did not work. Please find attached some images of my XeBuild config and my updflash.bin. The tutorial I tried to follow is this one: http://forum.homebrew-connection.org/index.php?topic=144.0 updflash.bin Thanks in advance you all! Glitch/Nand Reader Product(s) used: Simple_360_NAND_Flasher_v1.2Console Type: Corona V2 4GNAND size: 4GBDashboard version: 2.0.16547.0CB version: Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner/Xebuild GUI:(attach an image to your post)J-Runner/Xebuild Gui log:updflash.bin log (if applicable): in attachmentDescription of problem: I try to upgrade the kernel version, the kernel version stays the same.updflash.binWas the console working before you started: Y updflash.bin xeBuild_GUI.log
  2. Hello! So i've been trying to update my RGH2 Xbox 360 for the past three hours. I've created a NAND dump, transfered it to my computer and proceeded to download xebuild (2.098, to be exact). I have done some research on updating it, but i seem to have a problem with the drop down menu that lets you choose the kernel versions. It only gives me an option to create a custom version, so I go ahead and enter 17511 on the side, then click "Generate hacked image'. It doesn't go very far, because it later asks me to download the version for 2.something because some files were missing (?), which i then click continue, but it then later says that the dashfile cannot be found, and to make sure it is on the list. Please help!!!
  3. Hi Does anyone have a complete list of xbox 360 system updates with their release dates and what they do? All I could find was the following: http://xbox360systemupdates.wikia.com/wiki/Xbox_360_system_updates_Wiki Otherwise great but only shows from 8955 to 131XX. Thanks. PS. M$ has four latest updates listed on their site: http://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-360/console/system-update-operating-system
  4. I didnt found a thread about this. So i start one. Team Xecuter Fusion - called TX Fusion or Fusion FreeStyleDash 2 - called FSD or FSD2 FreeStyleDash 3 - called FSD3 or F3 Aurora - called Aurora Am i right when i say that FSD and Fusion are dead projects and no longer supported ? So Aurora is the only one thats made for the future.
  5. B@n!keT

    FIFA 15

    Hey guys I was updating my Kernel to play fifa 15 Can any one please tell me the least version of kernel required for FIFA 15??
  6. guys i wanna play Fifa 15, downloaded but dashboard said ''couldn't running download again bla bla'' when i run fifa 15. i searched my problem must update kernel (my kernel is 0.202) i try this but i couldn't because i think my cpu key is broke. then i installed AURARO maybe can run but didn't run. What must i do? i'm so helpless
  7. some Games in the Past did not work as they should to name a example COD black OPs II but dashlaunch fixed thoes problems ..well now i got a new game which wont work as it should Saints row 4 ..ok..it's just because i am not running the newest Kernel (still on 14699) my Question is, is it definitely required to update once in a while ( i am talking about the Kernel) or is this a Problem that dashlaunch can solve without me dumping my nand re flash it.than reflash avatar and so on and so which i.m.o takes more time than updating just the dashlaunch "if a new one would came out" to make it ( my question) clear, is dashlaunch capabel of doing this? thank you guys if yes i would rather wait on a dashlaunch update than update my kernel, i never done this and therefor i feel more secured if i just do thing that i really understand ...
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