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  1. okay, thank you. He sayd he startet the xbox and it's automaticly switch to aurora like every time and then he tried to start games and it was frezzing the xbox. so he dont changed the settings. I told him to do some extracted games on an flash drive and yeah, now i wait! Before i sended it to him i deleted all profiles but the main profile not, should he try to make a new profile too ?
  2. What do you mean with bad HDD? it's the original one and it work fine. And what do you mean with lack of an avatar update?. and bad nand flash? i dont thing so I dont know what he did, but it worked fine before i sended it to him. Should we try to "overclock" the fan speed?
  3. Hey guys, I sended my Xbox to a friend and he say "the Xbox frezze a the first sequence from Every game" (before i sended it to him, it was all fine) he tested it with aurora and freestyle.. What can wie do?! Sry for my english i'm from germany
  4. That don't work for me :/
  5. Hey guys, I'm from germany and i want to connect me to the System Link. But only the UPNP failed in the settings and i can't connect to system link :/ I unlocked the ports in my router. And there iaren't who i can manage UPNP. Please help (router:speedport w724V) I'm sry for my bad english
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