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  1. so I downloaded Far Cry 4, cracked it, and then extract it in Horizon. somehow, my horizon says that i only got 6 GB left in my hard drive but when i see in "comupter" and my xbox it says that i have 289 GB left. This is a huge difference guys, can someone help me please? I would really appreciate it.
  2. so i downloaded far cry 4 and everything working, but in horizon, it says that i only got 6GB left in my hard drive (Far Cry is 7.6GB) but i have 289 GB left. What do i do?
  3. aviaviv

    Black ops I DLC

    hey everyone, so i checked some videos in youtube of the black ops I DLC before many time but i still cant find the file to download them for my Jtag. So, can someone pls send me those files? It will be very appreaciated. BTW, i know to download them to xbox, just copy the link here to the files.
  4. × ×¨××” לי ×¢× Avatar Editor
  5. WRONG! Go to xbuc.com, go to black ops II title updates, download TU 18 by kab00m, transfer it in horizon, scan it in XM360 and activate it in manage title updates. WORKING 100%!!Let's play! SugaryChalice1 (In Multiplayer) and AVI (In Zombies) and I mostly play zombies.
  6. I don't actually want nuketown 2025.... :/ I WANT BURIED AND RAY GUN MARK II :DDD
  7. aviaviv

    DLC not working

    Never mind bro, I HeX edited it and it works
  8. AVI (in Zombies) and SugaryChalice1 (in Multiplayer). I would like to play with you all
  9. Hey, So the TU 18 is available and WORKING 100%!! Go to xbuc.com (it's a big website of Title Updates), go to the black ops II title updates, choose the last one (by kab00m), download it, move it to horizon (to your flash drive), scan it in XM360 and activate it in Manage Title Updates. Search me: AVI or SugaryChalice1
  10. Nevermind, I HeX edited it and it works! Thanks jayjay
  11. Thanks it's working! Now, same thing with Vengeance?
  12. I meant to make .bak file from the DLC and then delete the original one from Horizon and then put the .bak one in the usb hardrive. Is it ok?
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