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  1. Well, the main problem is solved, it was something with NAND.
  2. Well, I can't send nandump because I wasn't doing the glitch by myself ;_; (or I forgot how to get, because I wasn't using it for some time, but lately i decided that's about time to fix it, I am really sorry) , and how to check badblocks?Is there any app to scan disk trough the xell or something? Also going to get launch.ini, can I send it to you trough pm?
  3. Hi I have strange problem with my glitched xbox360. I've tried various boards (american, russian, polish) and nobody knows what's the reason.So please forgive me my mistakes ;_; You're my last hope. So here it is: My xbox drops connection with the LAN and internet after few seconds.It's not fault of the ftp app, or ethernet cable or xbox's apps issue, i've tried it with various ftp programs, different xbox servers (aurora, fsd, xexmenu and probably dashlaunch), direct connection with pc and diferent cable.It makes downloading updates, covers etc. impossible, not mentioning transfering the files over the LAN. On the otherhand xell works like a miracle, I can download all of the keys etc. without a problem.Well, i've even updated my dash few few months ago trough the lan, and it works (but problems with connection are same). Do you know any solution? Thank you.
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