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  1. dude let me tell u something, when i connect the xbox to the router i am able to use system link (everything passes) but my pc is not where the router is, its just connecting by a wierlles cable. and when the xbox connect to my pc and then to router its not findong the ports (fail) i oppend the router ports correctly and its not working not even by coppyng the ip
  2. in my router its very hard to open ports can u tell me what do write here: (i dont know what is external ip but i oppend the ports and its not working) (the xbox ip is manual : http://gyazo.com/05d20706de409864d797e103d9295b1d what am i doing wrong ? plz help me.
  3. how am i doing that? and by the cmd what ports i need to fowrowrd and how?
  4. HEY, I just got my rgh xbox and i hace fsd3 and when i go to link test it says everything is passed but the only thing with the ports doesnt pass (fail) here is my cmd: http://i.gyazo.com/4b72c2d6644f909a48808721e15331b5.png and here is what the port that i forwoarded http://i.gyazo.com/cc105b27355b913335d6cd009d773c56.png it should work fine but it doesnt work (the ports says fail 2 lines the rest is ok but i cant play link) plz help me i just got it and im very wanna play ty..
  5. what is f3? if its freestyle 3, can i dwonload it on my own and play online games with link even though its jtagged? and can i connect my xbox to internet by itself or with a wierles connector? really thank u!!!!
  6. it comes with the original xbox Jtag/RGH? if yes i got more question: can a jtag connect to the net with link? (cause i know that RGH is able to)
  7. can u check it for me? its realy cool..
  8. Kobi Cohen

    Requested skin

    Hey i was waching some rgh videos and i want ti ask what is that skin? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgSn3BA9XjU&list=UUms0_tZkXYCvFtXsRcZjoiw it comes with the dream theme? ty
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