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Found 65 results

  1. Hello all. I have a falcon rgh 2 xbox (with latets kernel ,fsd etc) and i will change my 60gb hdd to 250gb hdd. I want to ask 1)If i copy the folder with my gameaccount,savegmaes,dlc's,tu to pc with the program content manager and then with the same program open and paste it to the new hdd if it will work? 2) Do i have to copy the flash,hddx folders from the old hdd to the new one? Thank you in advance
  2. XBOX Slim Trinity Dashboard : 2.0.16547, latest Xebuild and Dashlaunch (through Jrunner). FSD F3 rev775. Have now encountered this behaviour on 3 Trinity XBOXes (2 at my shop, one at a colleague's). Symptom : after glitching the XBOX (using latest jrunner) and flashing Xebuild nand everything works fine. Can go into Xell and shut it off with power button, no problem. Can get into Xebuild dash (2.0.16547) and all is well as well, can shut it off with power button without problems. Then FSD is put onto the internal HDD. Once rebooted FSD is entered without problems, can play for hours, XBLA, full games, the works. When it's time to shut it off, it doesn't matter if it's done via a push on the actual poweroff button or via the menu, the XBOX will keep its fan going and the green led on the powerbutton will keep pulsing. This will go on forever, even after 45 minutes. I know there is a cooldown period but this is usually around 10-30 seconds. This is not a fluke. It happens EVERY time when the XBOX is turned off (or at least when that is attempted). Only remedy is to tap the power button twice and then keep it pressed until the XBOX turns off (actually a forced shutdown). Apart from this not being a fluke in this particular XBOX, it can be reproduced with every Trinity I get here (or at the colleagues site). Fun fact, when FSD is removed from the HDD the shutdown procedure works as it should. Have tried the following : - reflash with the same updflash.bin (via Xell AND via SPI programmer) : no luck - create clean nand in jrunner to rule out smc config problems, then use that as basis to create new Xebuild version. Flash that to the xbox : no luck - run FSD from USB : no luck Things to be noted : - there were no bad blocks - it never happens with Corona motherboards - I don't recall this happening on dashboards < 2.0.16537 - It's not just me. It's no installation error. Everything works fine as long as FSD is not installed. Hope someone can acknowledge this behaviour and/or even offer a fix for it, because this is extremely annoying.
  3. Hello everybody! I have been reading and trying to understand how to work out my problem for months but i should have made a post on a forum from the beginning; I'm useless with these thing. Please HELP if you can! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I have an Xbox 360 and I've been running Freestyle Dash 3 for about a year without a problem. I live in a remote location and it is my only source of entertainment when its raining. I paid for someone to install FSD (Freestyle Dash 3.0) on my 1TB Seagate HD and I was able to download new games and convert them from their iso file and then put them on my external hd. I could play them when I started my xbox with this external hd plugged into the front usb. it was a simple thing but my External HD somehow just died (overheated maybe..) and I'm now left with a useless machine. I now have a brand new 1TB external HD and I would like to just reinstall this FSD (Freestyle Dash 3.0) system again and start playing some of these video games! I have no clue what xex menu is, I've read into it, but it seems like everything I read is too complicated for me. I read alot of things about connecting my xbox to my computer and things like that but I run off of a generator and there is only wifi in the town centre. The guy who set me up originally did it so quickly, I just don't want to travel back to the city again and pay for the service.. If someone can give me an easy to understand step by step instruction of what to do, I would be greatly appreciative. I have the freestyle.iso on my computer.. I can download things that I need. I just don't have a clue what to do! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have a macbook pro and I can boot into Windows 7 and OSX, so steps in either operating system are appreciated! My Xbox 360 is as it was before the external HD crashed, so I shouldn't have to do anything with it.. Kind regards, J
  4. BJONESH03x

    LiNK Issues

    Hey I'm really new to the RGH thing just did my first one set everything up (dash launch, xex menu, fsd, and so fourth) and I got around to setting up the internet portion for LiNK, did the port forwarding and all the jargon, passes both UDP and TCP on both ports (3071, 3072) setup and linked my RGH with JQE360 (passed) Ping patch is enabled DevLink is disabled, I can download cover art, get weather updates, however when i go into a game like Modern Warfare 2 or Ghosts and go to the System Link Menu it comes up but shows zero users, i get an error when trying to make a private room, and on the last tab under user all the information there is blank, any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Hi, I understand that this question may already have posted and answered several times already. Unfortunately, I can not find the answer that will fix my problem. My system is on F3, RGH. Before, my console's time and date automatically updates whenever I hook up to LAN. I then encountered a fatal crash error several weeks back and now I never get it to auto update. I am sure I'm hooked up to the internet since game covers for my new downloads automatically updates. Please help me figure out what's wrong and how to fix this..
  6. i am not the creator of this skin i just want to share it with you guys. Looking tonight for something different and retro look what i found.... just make me think in that first day...... i think looks a lot better than today's.. just like a game console shut.... Psychomantis59 the designer appearance FSD Gx-mod.com, today issued a revision of its wonderful skin to "Blade" in 2005 (the first dashboard XBOX360) appointed PréNXE 775. This new version is designed to last FSD3.rev775 on kermel 16537. But it also works on the lower Kermels. You will find all the history of this skin in this article from May 2013 For a brief, it supports Kinect and voice commands and gestures, it also brings a host of handy shortcuts that you do not have skin in the SDF base, such as disabling the plugin Link to play true multi network -consoles, the launch of the last game played via HUD, the explorer etc ... and various options available through both HUD (left and right) Available in both U.S. and French versions, the archives contain an installation tools and text files for further customization, such as adding music of his choice or Glass / Carbon tabs appearance. For Fr version, do not forget to replace your defaut.xex FSD by that contained in the archive, it allows the complete translation of FSD and skin. Join us in thanking Pyschomantis59 for the exclusivity of its skin, and its efforts and monitoring. [uPDATE] 09.12.2013 U.S. version EN Changelog: - Added function "scan" in HUD Left - Crop. - Bug - Acknowledgements ================================= French and English Code:PRENXEv2_US_775.rar (80.7 MB) https://mega.co.nz/#!dkURjJ5J!OKPK5VmzwBweuLOzpk75dgFBtjEeDzB1VHafHtEjxEM PRENXE+FR+775+Addons.rar (97.3 MB) https://mega.co.nz/#!w5dmyIhT!ABveZQ6zq_uut2lSOldrmHdMxj1bwEgN2fuMZVS4UBo ================================= CARBON Blades Pre-NXE 2005 (EN-US) Code: CarbonPRENXE.rar (77.6 MB) https://mega.co.nz/#!to1GCALB!93cxUQLQHukGFIVpcVEu6utw6k6VqUdtABu03CgitYs ================================= Screenshot: Sample:
  7. Welcome to my Freestyle Dash Theme Thread! Been away from the theming scene for some time... got my creative spirit again, so i updated all my old themes. Screenshots: METRO WALL View and METRO COVER View (Thanks Tomamas14) Banner View Bug Fixed: Thanks TeamFSD for all the hardwork you guys done for all to enjoy!!! PLEASE ASK MY PERMISSION FIRST BEFORE COPYING THIS THREAD OR USING IMAGES FOR USE ON ANY OTHER WEBSITES!!!! I do not take credit for the pics used, credit goes to their creators. I merely used pics and edit them for the themes. Hope you guys enjoy them and please leave me any comments/feedbacks! Thanks!!! Many thanks goes to themer, blackened dove for being a great mentor on theming. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't have made it this far in FSD theming! Many thanks my friend! After learning from him, I have changed the theme colour from default green to purple. Latest skin.xur gave me a few issues on purple palette for colour bar, thus as a result, I have used dove's skin.xur as a template for my themes. ====================[iMPORTANT - PLEASE READ]==================== RaR Password: xbox360themes97 ======================[LATEST EDITIONS]====================== TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES REMIX SCREENSHOTS SOON... Download NFL - ATLANTA FALCONS SCREENSHOTS SOON... Download NFL - OAKLAND RAIDERS SCREENSHOTS SOON... Download BATMAN - THE DARK KNIGHT RISES SCREENSHOTS SOON... Download WARCRAFT X STARCRAFT Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download MASS SKYCRAFT Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs - 3 Versions Stages - NEW- Got idea from Gromber's MGR theme. Download GTA V Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download METAL GEAR SOLID V Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download THE QUEENS OF HEARTS Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download BIOSHOCK INFINITE Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download MARVEL X CAPCOM HYBRID Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download METAL GEAR SOLID REVOLUTION Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download FRANK MILLER'S BATMAN Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download BATMAN: UNDER THE RED HOOD Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download BLACK OPS NUKETOWN 2025 Wallpaper Content Tabs Download HALO - CORTANA Wallpaper Content Tabs Download MORTAL KOMBAT OUTWORLD Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download BEN 10 Wallpaper Content Tabs Download RESIDENT EVIL 6 Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download OUTRUN ARCADE ONLINE Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download RUMBLE ROSES TRIPLE-X Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download SOUTHPARK Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download GUILDWARS Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download CHAINSAW LOLLIPOP Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download GEARS OF WAR Wallpaper Content Tabs Download GTA COLLECTION Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download FINAL FANTASY WORLDS Wallpaper Content Tabs Download SILENT HILL ZERO Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download RESIDENT EVIL: OPERATION RACCOON CITY Wallpaper Content Tabs Download BLEACH RELOADED Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download DEVIL MAY CRY Wallpaper Content Tabs Download NARUTO Wallpaper Content Tabs Download NINJA GAIDEN Wallpaper Content Tabs Download MASS EFFECT: SHEPARD'S ELEVEN Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download DRAGON'S AGE Wallpaper Content Tabs Download DARKSIDERS Wallpaper Content Tabs Download CALL OF DUTY COLLECTION Wallpaper Content Tabs Download EZIO THE ASSASSIN Wallpaper Content Tabs Download FINAL FANTASY - SERAH FARRON Wallpaper Content Tabs Download METROID - SAMUS ARAN Wallpaper Content Tabs Download GOLDEN AXE - TYRIS FLARE Wallpaper Content Tabs Download SYSTEM SHOCK - SHODAN Wallpaper Content Tabs Download SOUL CALIBUR V Wallpaper Content Tabs Download DRAGON'S CALL Wallpaper Content Tabs Download FANTASIA Wallpaper Content Tabs Download WARCRAFT Wallpaper Download TRANSFORMERS CLASSIC REMIX Wallpaper Download PLANTS VS ZOMBIES Wallpaper Content Tabs Download GOD OF WAR - KRATOS Wallpaper Content Tabs Download SONS OF ANARCHY Download
  8. My games description shows "Not Available" When i tried to Refresh Artwork Its automatic right? Though i know about the FSD UI, i dont use it It's because i cant connect my computer and xbox Need Alternatives Please
  9. i have a (i believe) problem where i am unable to rip discs after repeated attempts. they simply fail at 0% or whatever other percentage, but when i play them frmo the disc itself, they play fine. the disc surface looks clean and undamaged. i don't know if it is even a problem but wanted to throw it out there for people who may have similar issues, and hopefully a solution.
  10. I am trying to copy the FSD folder to my internal storage via xexmenu but I am failing to do so. I have 4 GB Jtaged with dashboard 2.0.16202.0 HDD0 does not shows up in xexmenu, only usb and the flash memory is visible. I never installed FSD on it before. I tried doing through FTP, but couldn't because the software named WS_FTP LE does not shows HDD0 even. I also tried putting the installation file of FSD through horizon. I copied the file through storage, just the way we install xexmenu, but then again during installation it fails because it does not detect the HDD to be installed in.
  11. Hey guys, I really need Help quick.So i have Freestyle dash 3. And i updated it and then installed TU for BO2 but when i run the game(or any game) and press guide button to start LiNK it says "Plugin Update Required to connect to LiNK" but i already have updated. Plz Help quick.
  12. Hey community, i'm new here and glad to be here great forum ! I have found it at my way to update my FreestyleDash. I had version 2.2, a friend has made me my JTAG Box. Now, i have updated my Xbox to Version 3 rev735 and as good as anything works. I have not used DLC until now. I have read a many tutorials and i think i have done all right... There are two DLC for MetalGearSolid Rising. There are unlocked and region free. The game and DLC. The game has the newest TU, downloaded in the F3. And it is active. I have try to download it manually but it has not changed. This is the directory where the DLC's are: "OnBoardMUContent00000000000000004B4E080A00000002" I must have done something wrong, but i dont know what. I hope anything else can help me. greetings
  13. I was wondering does FSD(RGHed Xbox) support hdd with NTFS file system? I only have one HDD and so I am unable to experiment with that. Can someone share some insight...
  14. Dear LiNK support and dev-team, First of all, thank you for your efforts, because even though I am having certain issues with my LiNK, most people are able to play OK, and those who are not almost instantly get help from people on this forum. Well, let's hope I will be able to proudly stand among those who have been blessed with a resolution for a LiNK problem. So, let's begin with describing the software/hardware I use and then get to the problem. I am using a Xbox 360 (thanks, captain !) phat, with Jasper motherboard (or at least I guess this is what/who Jasper is) and a glitch hack. My current dashboard version is 14719, dashlaunch - 3.05 (I updated from 3.04 hoping to solve the issue, but with no luck) with conpatch and devlink off, pingpatch on, the FSD version is, obviously, the latest one. My console is connected to a Dlink DIR-615 router via a patch cord. All ports are open, UPnP is enabled, although LiNK says that it can't find a UPnP enabled router. FSD successfully passes all connection tests in LiNK menu and is able to download covers and title updates. Well, now it's time for me to tell you the whole story. A month ago, or perhaps a little bit earlier, LiNK started experiencing connection problems. For instance, I sometimes get that "Unable to connect" message when I am trying to play that goddamn Call of Duty, just like some other people do. However, that's not the problem I am concerned about. At this point you might want to ask me a question "yo man hawsthat ya not playin cod isnt da problm?/?1/?". Well, let's put it this way: not being able to join games is only one half of my problem, the other half is not being able to find them. You see, I am always playing with my friend (whom I helped set up LiNK, which means that we had the same settings when I began experiencing problems, plus he also uses a Dlink router, which is similar to mine) and he can always see 3-4 different hosts in a room, while I can see only one (usually a host with a pretty bad ping) or none at all. I can't even find my friend's games (we both live in the same city and are connected to the same ISP). While we were playing Dead Island, I was also experiencing the same issue with not seeing my friend's host or not being able to connect to it. HOWEVER, at that time we figured out a way to solve this problem: he hosted the game, I rebooted MY console (when I say "rebooted", I mean "turned off and then on"), got back on LiNK and ta-da, I could instantly see his host. If we didn't do it this way (e.g. both of us rebooted our consoles, he hosted the game after I entered the room and so on), we couldn't establish connection. Unfortunately this "resolution" of ours doesn't work in Call of Duty. Oh and I forgot to mention that NOBODY can see my hosts, even my friend. I tried reinstalling the whole F3, but it didn't help me in any way. Man, this situation usually gets so damn awkward. I am all like "Эй, друг, пойдём поиграем", he says "Ладно, друг, пошли", aaaaand...nothing. Both of us end up being disappointed. This is even worse than attending a Pentecostal service while they are "speaking in tongues" ! Well, I hope I provided all the information you need. Patiently awaiting a reply. Best wishes, promostyle
  15. Hi! I'm using FSD3 (Great job guys, much love from Hungary) and my problem would be the following: When I go to COD:BOII in Games, I choose Title Updates, then I press Download TUs, it downloads them (pretty slowly tho, using wifi (~35kbps)), after that, I press to activate the latest (TU6), I enter the game to play multiplayer via System Link, but the SysLink panel shows me I have TU0. What I've tried so far: -Download TU6 manually, place it in Cache, and let FSD find it -> FSD didn't find it -Delete the complete Cache folder, download all TUs again -> Didn't work either -Activate TU5 -> Game still says TU0 Is it possible I have a wrong game version? Help is really appreciated, since on TU0 there's like 15-20 people only, and I'd like to play with the rest 160. Waiting for your helpful replies, Adrn_
  16. Yonshi

    Hitman F3 r483

    Skin Hitman r483 -20 wallpapers -2 stages -Splash with video -Teme song - Ave Maria by Shubert English version Hitman F3r483 English.xzp Spanish version Hitman_F3r483.xzp
  17. yoshi

    Czech republic

    Ahojte, nešel by někdo se mnou hrát hry například CoD:BO2 nebo Gears of War 3 ?Hi, can you join me for your game ? I will play with you if you want ... just let me know in PM or on skype xxyoshixx51 ... than we can work something out (if is it spam or something, please delete this post :3 )
  18. I've recently RGH'ed my Trinity XBox360 4GB console with 250GB external HDD. I am able to play GOD games in FSD (I use F3), but two black bars come on top and bottom of my TV (It's a really old 21" CRT TV ....which my parents won't allow me to change for a HDTV ). So, plz tell me if there is any way to get FSD working in fullscreen (like the DASHBOARD!). And if not possible, can I run GOD games from external HDD in the XBox360 DASHBOARD?? Plz Help.....(nd I have already googled and searched the entire forum with only 1 common thread....that too was very unclear and was unable to help me....so plz Help) Thanks, AdilDSW.
  19. hi all! i need help on skinning FSD3.. i want to learn how to change the position of my icons and other content on-screen in FSD skins. What file do i have to edit to choose the on-screen position of my icons? is it the ''config.html'' file? or maybe the ''index.html'' file ? ..anyway... ..hope someone can help me to know more about skinning! (by the way i use: XZPtool, EditPlus, photoshop, and some other tools..) -Peace.
  20. Hi guys, I recently bough a xbox and i am using the FSD 3.0, and everything goes fine... There is just one problem my TV is SD, so my screen gets 2 big bars black bars one up and another down... so menus on FSD and subtitles on games are almoust impossible to read, and even the graphics look a bit more messy for dont be in the correct resolution =(. anyone know how to fix the HD resolution to SD resolution ?
  21. The Dream Theme v2.4 for F3 Rev775 (Released August 19th, 2013)[/b] Just a small update to make my skin compatible with the newest F3 Rev775! What's in this Skin? - 150 beautiful backgrounds - 100 different stages - 15 different content tabs - 15 different icon sets - 26 Coverflow layouts Changes since v2.3: - Made it compatible with the newest F3 Rev775 Dash - changed the Splash screen How to use: 1- Go with a ftp program to your Freestyle 3 folder 2- Place "The Dream Theme v2.4.xzp" file in your "Skins" folder. 3- Go with Freestyle 3 to the Skin menu and choose "The Dream Theme v2.4" skin. 4- Restart your Xbox360 5- Go to settings menu and select "reset skin settings" That's all Don't forget to reset your skin settings before using this new version otherwise things will not work properly! If you renamed my skin too Default.xzp then make sure you delete the Default skin from your F3 Cache (that's not MS Cache) Below are a few screenshots. The Dream Theme v2.4.rar
  22. Hello, I have a RGH running latest dash launch and FSD on wired to router (i have tried wireless as well). LiNK won't do anything on my xbox, i have passed all the test, ports are open etc. My dash is 14719 & i tried playing BO2 on TU4 System link in guide showed up but clicking it does nothing, nothing loads, nothing opens, no noise, nothing. Below is my launch.ini (it never used to look like that, it seems to have changed when i updated my dash launch and filled it with rubbish. Send me yours if you notice anything different or strange. Not sure what dashlaunch it exactly is, but i used these files http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/580-dashlaunch-305/ Why isn't it opening? i passed the test completely, the plugin F3 is loaded and LiNK is always on but when i click it in the guide in any game, nothing happens. I have tried wireless and wired and the router does have UPNP enabled, hence why i pass all the tests. ; launch.xex V3.0 config file ; parsed by simpleIni http://code.jellycan.com/simpleini/ ; currently supported devices and paths: ; internal hard disk Hdd:\ ; usb memory stick Usb:\ ; memory unit Mu:\ ; USB memory unit UsbMu:\ ; big block NAND mu FlashMu:\ ; internal slim 4G mu IntMu:\ ; internal corona 4g mu MmcMu:\ ; CD/DVD Dvd:\ (not recommended to use this one) ; buttons can point to any xex, or any CON with default.xex in it on any of the above devices ; note that Right Bumper is ALWAYS default to return NXE ; if you want to assign an additional one, use the path Sfc:\dash.xex ie: ; BUT_A = Sfc:\dash.xex ; all comments and fields in this file are optional, you can remove anything you don't need ; sorry for any double negatives ; njoy, cOz ; example entry ; Default = Hdd:\FreeStyle\default.xex [Paths] BUT_A = BUT_B = BUT_X = Hdd:\Content\0000000000000000\C0DE9999\00080000\C0DE99990F586558 BUT_Y = Start = Back = LBump = RThumb = LThumb = ; Default is what loads when you hold no buttons ; leave this blank if you want NXE as default Default = Hdd:\FreeStyle\default.xex ; at boot time, default can be overridden based on how the console is turned on ; if you start with wired/wireless/IR guide button, this item if existing will be used instead of default ; note that the Guide item is ALWAYS overridden by option: remotenxe = true Guide = ; if you power on with the button on the front of the console (or the power button on a remote if remotenxe is not set to true) ; this item will be used instead of default Power = ; if set, going to system settins from HUD will run this app, override with Right Bumper Configapp = ; if set, this will be run as a title before any other option occurs, does not get circumvented by held buttons or default ; guide/power opts are processed after this; intended for a short video player to allow replacing bootanim Fakeanim = ; by default this only dumps to UART, setting a file here will cause unhandled exception info to be dumped ; as text to a file. Same path restraints as the quick launch buttons. ; if exchandler is set to false, this option does nothing. ; note that this uses the first drive of the class found, so if you use usb: and have more than one usb device ; it may wind up on any of the usb devices depending on which was enumerated first. The path for the file is only ; checked on boot, so the device must be present at power on and at crash time for this to be effective ; ie: dumpfile = Usb:\crashlog.txt Dumpfile = [Plugins] plugin1 = plugin2 = plugin3 = plugin4 = plugin5 = ; these options are never used directly by dash launch but serve to give the configuration program ; a place to keep these values [Externals] ; if true, the configuration application will start a FTP server (user/pass: xbox) ; if not present default is FALSE ftpserv = false ; if ftpserv is true, this is the port that will be used by the FTP server ; if not present default is 21 ftpport = 21 ; if true, the configuration application will start in launch mode instead of options mode ; if not present default is FALSE calaunch = false ; if true, temps in installer and in guide (shuttemps option) will be shown in farenheit instead of celcius ; if not present default is FALSE farenheit = false [Settings] ; if true, brining up miniblade in NXE and then pressing Y will cause launch.xex to relaunch for you ; note you must release Y button then press desired QuickLaunchButtons after or use default item ; if not present default is TRUE nxemini = true ; if true ping limit will be removed for system link play (thanks FBDev!) ; if not present default is FALSE pingpatch = true ; if true (most) xbla will no longer need yaris patching (thanks mojobojo!) ; if not present default is FALSE contpatch = false ; Normally when a fatal error occurs the xbox will just freeze, setting this to false will cause a reboot or powerdown ; setting to TRUE will also disable the unhandled exception filter which tries to intercept recoverable unhandled exceptions with exit to dash ; if not present default is FALSE fatalfreeze = false ; when fatalfreeze is set to false, setting this to true will cause the box to reboot, setting it to false will instead have the box shut down ; note that this option does NOTHING when fatalfreeze is set to true ; if not present default is FALSE fatalreboot = false ; setting this to true will cause the box to reboot (soft reboot) the way it was intended to ; on jtag ONLY set this to true if using blackaddr's reboot fix for SMC, else on reboot you will get E71 and corrupted dash/video/etc settings ; if not present default is TRUE safereboot = false ; when set to true, it is possible to hold RB when launching a game to have the region that the game gets from xam spoofed ; if not present this is set to FALSE regionspoof = true ; when regionspoof is true, you set your region here in hex preceding the value with 0x, for examle devkit would be region = 0x7fff ; if not present but regionspoof is set to true, this is set to 0x7FFF region = 0x7fff ; when set to false, ejecting a dvd video or game returns you to your default item, set to true to auto exit to NXE ; if not present this is set to FALSE dvdexitdash = true ; when set to false, using the exit item in an XBLA game returns you to your default item, set to true to exit to NXE arcade menu ; if not present this is set to FALSE xblaexitdash = true ; when set to true, using miniblades system setting options will not exit to NXE ; if not present this is set to FALSE nosysexit = false ; when set to true, miniblades will not appear... ever (requested as child saftey measure) ; note that using this option overrides everything in dash launch that relies on miniblade exits to function ; if not present this is set to FALSE nohud = false ; when set to false, xbox will be capable of finding system updaters ; if not present this is set to TRUE noupdater = true ; when set to true, dash launch will put all debug strings out to uart ; if not present this is set to FALSE debugout = false ; when set to false, dash launch will not attempt to handle last chance unhandled exceptions ; if set to false, exceptions will also not be dumped to the dumpfile ; if not present this is set to TRUE exchandler = true ; if set to true, this will block the console from resolving LIVE related dns ; if not set this value will be TRUE liveblock = true ; if liveblock is set to true, this will block the console from resolving all MS related dns ; setting this to TRUE will also block apps like freestyle from accessing things like cover images ; *** note that if NO INI is present for launch.xex, this is set to TRUE ; if not set this value will be FALSE livestrong = false ; when set to TRUE the X (guide) and power button on IR remotes will cause the xbox to boot to NXE instead of default item ; note that powering on with the windows/start button automatically goes to NXE's media center now regardless of how this is set ; if not set this value will be FALSE remotenxe = false ; when set to TRUE all USB drives will be polled at hddtimer intervals for the file "alive.txt" in their root ; if the file exists, it will be recreated and 16 random bytes written to it on each poll which should keep drives from spinning down ; if not set this value will be FALSE hddalive = false ; in seconds, the interval between when USB devices will be polled for "alive.txt" file ; if not set and hddalive is set to TRUE this value will be 210 hddtimer = 210 ; attempts to disable popups related to signing in, like "live is blocked" and similar ; !! WARNING OTHER THINGS DO USE THIS DIALOG AND DETECTING THAT IT'S A LOGIN DIALOG MAY NOT BE PERFECT !! ; !! to sign into live profiles other than auto signing on boot you MUST accept the 'check live for updates' dialog BEFORE enabling this option !! ; if not set this value will be FALSE signnotice = true ; when you hold guide button to shut down xbox, normally the 'cancel' option is selected ; setting this to TRUE will cause the shutdown option to be auto selected instead ; !! WARNING OTHER THINGS DO USE THIS DIALOG AND DETECTING THAT IT'S SHUTDOWN DIALOG MAY NOT BE PERFECT !! ; if not set this value will be FALSE autoshut = false ; when you hold guide button to shut down xbox, normally a dialog comes up ; setting this to TRUE will cause the console to shutdown instead of show a dialog ; !! WARNING OTHER THINGS DO USE THIS DIALOG AND DETECTING THAT IT'S SHUTDOWN DIALOG MAY NOT BE PERFECT !! ; if not set this value will be FALSE autooff = false ; 14699+ has native http functions, but you are forced to be logged into use them ; this patch removes that restriction, set to false to disable it if you have any problems ; if not set this value will be TRUE xhttp = true ; when tempbcast is set to TRUE the raw temp data from smc will be broadcast over UDP at temptime second ; intervals on port tempport ; if not set this value will be FALSE tempbcast = false ; if not set this value will be 10 temptime = 10 ; if not set this value will be 7030 tempport = 7030 ; when set to TRUE all titles will have the insecure socket priveledge ; if not set this value will be FALSE sockpatch = false ; when set to TRUE dash launch will not erase launchdata before launching a quick launch item ; if not set this value will be FALSE passlaunch = false ; when set to TRUE various functions will be spoofed to make firmware think it's connected to LIVE ; this does not compensate for the fact that it cannot contact LIVE servers ; setting this to TRUE forces liveblock to TRUE ; if not set this value will be FALSE fakelive = false ; when set to TRUE network/cloud storage options should not show up in disk dialogs ; if not set this value will be TRUE nonetstore = true ; when set to TRUE a snapshot of the console temperature data will be displayed in the console shutdown dialog (displayed when guide button is held) ; !! WARNING OTHER THINGS DO USE THIS DIALOG AND DETECTING THAT IT'S SHUTDOWN DIALOG MAY NOT BE PERFECT !! ; enabling this option disables autooff ; if not set this value will be FALSE shuttemps = false ; when true, any devkit profiles on the console will not appear as corrupt and can be used ; any changes such as saving games or getting achievements will resign the profile with the current/retail keyvault ; this seems not to affect glitch/jtag dev crossflash, but could affect these profiles on true devkits ; if not set this value will be FALSE devprof = false ; when true, system link data will be encrypted for communication with devkits ; if not set this value will be FALSE devlink = false ; when true dash launch will perform automatic disk swapping ; WARNING!! do not enable if you use FSD or swap.xex for this !! ; if not set this value will be FALSE autoswap = false ; when true, disables kinect health pseudo video at game launch ; if not set this value will be TRUE nohealth = true ; when true, disables dash locale setup screens when settings already exist ; if not set this value will be TRUE nooobe = true ; shen true dash launch will automatically enable fakelive functionality only during official dash and indie play sessions ; if not set this value will be FALSE autofake = false
  23. Hey guys, maybe one or the other user knows my nickname from 360hacks.de. But this isn't the topic.... I developed a tool named FSB about 1 moth ago and released it on 360hacks.de With this tool everyone can creat easily your own skins... Until now the tool hasn't english support and now it has it . Requirement: Net Framework 3.5 changelog: v4.0 Full changelog (with the old versions) is in the rar package. Current versions tested on: -Win 8 Pro 32 Bit -Win 7 Home Premium 64 Bit -Win 7 Ultimate 64 Bit -Win 7 Ultimate 32 Bit -Win XP Pro Sp3 32 Bit Bugs: -no bugs(I think...) if you find a bug please tell me about it feedback is desired FSB GUI 4.0.rar
  24. How to Wirelessly FTP your WIFI enabled Phat or Slim 360 with Freestyle Dash Written by Gangrel_1313 @ http://RealModScene.com First log into NXE, Go to SETTINGS, Click on SYSTEM Next click NETWORK SETTINGS Then on the Available Networks screen, click ADVANCED OPTIONS Next click CREATE A AD-HOC NETWORK Create the SSID (name) of your network using the on-screen keyboard, we'll use XBXFSD for this tutorial, but you can use anything. Next at the EDIT AD-HOC WIRELESS SETTINGS screen, you can add WIRELESS SECURITY and modify 802.11 NETWORK TYPE, which is optional, for this tutorial I'm just leaving settings as default (no security), then click Done. You will automatically connect the Xbox to the AD-HOC Network (NOTE: it shows no bars until you connect your PC to the connection, once connected it will show signal strength) Leave your Xbox on that screen, Now with your wireless PC (i'm using Windows 7), click the signal bar on your task bar to bring up wireless connections.. Search for the SSID you created, in this case XBXFSD and connect. (NOTE: if you used security when setting up the AD-HOC network on the xbox, you will be prompted for the password you created) You may have to wait a minute or so to aquire a IP address for the console, now press the globe on the Xbox controller and click FREESTYLE HOME (or XBOX HOME). Then Click YES when prompted. Now back on the Freestyle Dashboard, you should see your aquired IP address (Mine was, yours may be different) (NOTE: if you dont see your top and bottom bars, click right analog stick to make them appear). Now you have different options for transferring files, if you use Windows, you can use Windows Explorer by clicking MY COMPUTER and entering this into the address bar: ftp://xbox:xbox@XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX (X's replaced with the IP you obtained, xbox is default FTP login/password credentials on FSD) Then click enter and it should connect to the Xbox's FTP server, then you can browse the directories and transfer files from PC to the XBOX. Another FTP method is with your favorite FTP clients (I use Filezilla), just type the IP address in the server box and Xbox in Username and Xbox in Password box and connect. That's all, Thanks for reading my tutorial, you can contact me if you have problems or dont understand something, I'm gangrel_1313 on http://RealModScene.com You can download this tutorial in PDF form (Attached to post), it includes images. How to Wirelessly FTP your WIFI enabled Phat or Slim 360 with Freestyle Dash.pdf
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