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  1. Dealt with plugin problem, guys. http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/1226-f3-rev735-and-link-beta-3-including-webui/?p=9078
  2. Well, people ! I have finally managed to overcome that "plugin not loaded" issue ! Unfortunately, none of the pieces of advice that were given to people with this issue have a chance to "cure" the "plugin not loaded" problem. AS IT TURNS OUT, the problem is neither in LiNK, nor in F3. The "glitch" is caused by...an outdated dashboard. That's right...doesn't sound convincing, does it ? Well, I noticed that both a guy named uncharted and I had the same dashboard 14719 and were both experiencing this issue. HOWEVER, my friend, who doesn't have this problem, is using a newer dashboard, 15xxx or something like that. I also noticed that some people who have written a message in this topic saying that the plugin works have also written messages in AutoGG topics, which means that they have updated ther dashboards recently. Well, it took me a while to finally lose all hope of fixing the issue by normal means so I decided to update my dashboard. That's right, dear sirs, now that goddamn magnificent plugin is loading ! I have no idea what exactly fixed it, the problem might have even been caused by bad blocks (at least I guess they can do things like that, they are BAD, you know), which were all mapped during the update (I received 2 messages about them during the two separate update sequences). Well, good luck with LiNK, guys ! I am out, PEACE !
  3. Well, my dear sirs ! I SUPPOSE that I finally managed to resolve the problem I mentioned above. I GUESS that it was actually related to my router's firmware. Yesterday after some hardcore investigation and firmware reflashes I managed to make LiNK work properly: I could see 4 hosts and join each of them ! HOWEVER ! I have not been able to double-check this today because of that new LiNK update. Yeah, yeah, it seems that problems find me really attractive. This time I have a problem with LiNK itself. F3 Plugin doesn't want to load, unfortunately, even after I press "Load" manually in the F3 settings. I tried installing old, clean versions of F3 and updating them to the latest version numerous times. I also tried putting ripped version of the new FSD from xbox360iso into my harddrive. Of course I cold-booted my console several hundreds of times before writing here. Here's my debug info from the Web interface of F3:
  4. Yeah, I am aware that there is at least one guy who can't get it working on any routers that are not made by NetGear. I will not be able to get to my friend's place and borrow his router any time soon since it's -26 °C outside, which is pretty much the same as -15 degrees Fahrenheit. Streets covered in snow and, you know, that kind of stuff. However, I have an old router which runs with a different ISP. I am going to try it soon and see if LiNK is going to cooperate. Oh, and don't worry, I will keep you guys updated.
  5. Now this is confusing. Are you actually using a router ? If you are, then you should access your router's web interface from any computer located on the router's network. Then you should use google.com to look for an instruction for YOUR router which will tell you how to open the ports. If you are not using a router, then...well, may the God help you.
  6. Don't worry about connectx settings, you don't need to do anything about that plugin. There is supposed to be another plugin under connectx (I am not sure what they called it), which will have settings like "Enable UPnP Router", ports and stuff like this. You will also see a button which says "test". Well, run the test ! If everything says "pass" (you can see the word "pass" written in 5 different spots on your TV, and don't mind the "UPnP router not found" line), this means that you have some serious problems. If your console won't be able to get through some of the port tests, then you'll have to go to your router settings and open those ports.
  7. Mother of God. I thought it was obvious enough that you were supposed to find a NEW USB stick, not the one you keep your games on. Oh well, never mind. I think it was my mistake since I told you not to format your USB External Harddrive and didn't mention USB sticks, as I had no idea that you are using a simple USB stick to store your games. Please, read the whole message before attempting to do anything. You are supposed to drag&drop your title update to a horizon window. It will open a new window with lines like "display name", "title name", etc.. There you will see a button which says "Save ot Device". Press that button and choose your USB stick. That's it. Now back to the Black Ops 2, which you managed to delete. If you don't have any other USB sticks, you can transfer BO to this one using FTP. There are several guides out there which can tell you how to do this, I won't even try explaining it because I will most likely end up telling you how to blow up your console.
  8. Had you read my first message before you posted yours ? Back when the problems began, or settings were absolutely the same. His router is similar to mine, as it uses the same motherboard. I am using the latest router firmware. Besides, could you please explain to me how my router can possibly be responsible for the issues I am experiencing ?
  9. I am not sure how it's done nowadays, but back in the ancient days, when dragons roamed the Earth, it would have looked like this: 1) You download an update for Black Ops II from xbuc.net (Don't mess this one up, buddy ! You have to download an update for your Media ID ! Back in the ancient days I had to use ABGX, but nowadays, in the Age of Fire, you can just type in your xbox's ip into your browser, use f3http as both login and password, and look up your BO's Media ID). 2) You should find a USB stick with at least 1GB of memory and plug it into your console. Then you should go to NXE (or whatever it is called nowadays, just press guide button, go to games and press A. It's gonna get you back to the original dashboard) and go to settings->system->memory (once again I am not sure what this stuff is called nowadays, but you will figure it out on the go). There, you will see your USB stick (it will be called "not configured USB storage" or something like this). Well, "configure" it ! This will "format" it into a so-called Xbox360 file system. Just try not to format your external USB harddrive, ok ? 3) Now you can use Horizon just as the gentleman above mentioned. Just plug your newly converted USB stick into your PC and Horizon will find it automatically. If I remember correctly, there is supposed to be some kind of button which will allow you to transfer files to your USB stick. Just press it and choose the Black Ops Update. Horizon will manage the paths on its own (Ah, and it was much more interesting back in the days of USB XTAF). 4) Plug your USB stick back into the Xbox 360, reboot it and just launch Black Ops II. It will PROBABLY find the update on its own (I say probably because I have no idea if freeboot changes anything in the way games find their updates or not, but I don't think it does). Well, that's it.
  10. Well, that was quick ! I added my Xbox to a so-called DMZ of my router yesterday, while I was looking through this forum in search of a solution, but it didn't help. I am pretty sure that I am using the latest Title Update, for Black Ops II, or at least LiNK says that I am. I installed it along with the latest map pack via FTP. I can see the maps in my host menu, which indicates that the TU is working. As for the dashboard kernel, well how comes the game and LiNK were working fine for a month or so after the release of LiNK Beta 2 ? Besides, I think I have mentined that I am experiencing this problem with other games as well.
  11. Dear LiNK support and dev-team, First of all, thank you for your efforts, because even though I am having certain issues with my LiNK, most people are able to play OK, and those who are not almost instantly get help from people on this forum. Well, let's hope I will be able to proudly stand among those who have been blessed with a resolution for a LiNK problem. So, let's begin with describing the software/hardware I use and then get to the problem. I am using a Xbox 360 (thanks, captain !) phat, with Jasper motherboard (or at least I guess this is what/who Jasper is) and a glitch hack. My current dashboard version is 14719, dashlaunch - 3.05 (I updated from 3.04 hoping to solve the issue, but with no luck) with conpatch and devlink off, pingpatch on, the FSD version is, obviously, the latest one. My console is connected to a Dlink DIR-615 router via a patch cord. All ports are open, UPnP is enabled, although LiNK says that it can't find a UPnP enabled router. FSD successfully passes all connection tests in LiNK menu and is able to download covers and title updates. Well, now it's time for me to tell you the whole story. A month ago, or perhaps a little bit earlier, LiNK started experiencing connection problems. For instance, I sometimes get that "Unable to connect" message when I am trying to play that goddamn Call of Duty, just like some other people do. However, that's not the problem I am concerned about. At this point you might want to ask me a question "yo man hawsthat ya not playin cod isnt da problm?/?1/?". Well, let's put it this way: not being able to join games is only one half of my problem, the other half is not being able to find them. You see, I am always playing with my friend (whom I helped set up LiNK, which means that we had the same settings when I began experiencing problems, plus he also uses a Dlink router, which is similar to mine) and he can always see 3-4 different hosts in a room, while I can see only one (usually a host with a pretty bad ping) or none at all. I can't even find my friend's games (we both live in the same city and are connected to the same ISP). While we were playing Dead Island, I was also experiencing the same issue with not seeing my friend's host or not being able to connect to it. HOWEVER, at that time we figured out a way to solve this problem: he hosted the game, I rebooted MY console (when I say "rebooted", I mean "turned off and then on"), got back on LiNK and ta-da, I could instantly see his host. If we didn't do it this way (e.g. both of us rebooted our consoles, he hosted the game after I entered the room and so on), we couldn't establish connection. Unfortunately this "resolution" of ours doesn't work in Call of Duty. Oh and I forgot to mention that NOBODY can see my hosts, even my friend. I tried reinstalling the whole F3, but it didn't help me in any way. Man, this situation usually gets so damn awkward. I am all like "Эй, друг, пойдём поиграем", he says "Ладно, друг, пошли", aaaaand...nothing. Both of us end up being disappointed. This is even worse than attending a Pentecostal service while they are "speaking in tongues" ! Well, I hope I provided all the information you need. Patiently awaiting a reply. Best wishes, promostyle
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