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  1. Hi guys, so i've got this problem - I did only a plugin update (Not Skin and Dash update) and then after installation it didn't restart and just freezed with a black screen. Then after about 10 minutes of waiting I turned off the console. Then when i turned the console on instead of booting Freestyle Dashboard it booted original microsoft xbox dashboard. So now I am desperate and don't know what to do. Please help


    I figured it out, I had to enable that upnp thing on my wired router using internet browser. Thanks to everybody who helped me, I appriciate it.


    I tried it but still nothing btw settings are set right pingpatch on devlink off contpatch off and btw the version as it says is 25.0.-1 and also i have got Title update 6 so i dont know where is the problem?
  4. Im not using Wi-Fi router, im normally wired by ethernet cable thats what i was saying


    Hi after i managed to get the latest TU on black ops 2 i thought i can play but after i join to some of the public rooms it doesnt find any games in-game, so i went to settings to enable UPNP but when i do test it says broadcast and data ports (3072 and 3071) both failed. Btw im using ethernet cable to get online. No wifi-router. Please help.
  6. Now i guess i need to know how to open these ports?
  7. It says that UPNP enabled router not found and broadcast + data port both Fail
  8. Well im using ethernet cable and it didnt say pass + i dont think it is written there right and also i dont know those ports of mine because on my pc it is set automaticly EDIT: the data port is 3072 and the broadcast port is 3071 EDIT2: This is crappy post i misunderstood you, sorry for my english
  9. Ok thanks I managed to get Title update 6 but when i join some room and then on system link want to find a game it is empty no matter how many times i refresh, so that is my second problem right now dont u know guys pls how to fix it? I looked to connectx settings and it is empty is that the problem?
  10. Okay so i configured my usb but it deleted black ops ii from it and now there are in horizon some empty folders like Games, Gamer Profiles, Demos, etc. but in PC it shows nothing at all, so what should i do now? where i have to put Black ops game? and how in horizon can i apply title updates?
  11. What is horizon and where can i download it? and btw by uploading on ftp you mean i should press RB button on Title update manager?
  12. Hi I have got a problem with title updates, I have fsd installed on Memory unit (cause i dont have a hdd) and im playing cod black ops 2 from my usb so when i download these title updates and activate the newest one and go to the game It says that I still have TU 0 so it doesnt read those TU's. So my question is what should I do and how? Should I download the title updates on my usb? please help PS: on my usb i have its like this Usb0:COD Black Ops 2415608C3 ...nothing else
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