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  1. My covers is only completed half-way. The cover from the back is missing please help.
  2. malcolm_rcc

    Game Covers

    How to manually put game covers to 360 i mean literally. Not using the web ui just regular USB if possible
  3. Deleted and Downloaded, but none
  4. I Downloaded Lightning Returns audio DLC I Moved it Using Horizon and USB I Unlocked it with XM360 Downloaded Title Update 2 Pressed Play Game, Then Crashed! (Says Game Doesn't work) Details: PAL Version of Lightning Returns PAL Version of DLC
  5. Um i tried to delete FSD, but when i did it was still there I looked inside and the Plugins folder was the only one left and had two more folder inside webroot and hudscene I used xexmenu to copy a new fsd and it overwritten the old one Then i tried to refresh the artwork and it's still the same problem (The "No Description:Not available" Problem) Does the entire FSD folder have to be gone to have a fresh install I'm just new and can't understand english well But if you know more alternatives, I'll be very grateful
  6. If i delete F3 does it automatically go to xbox dashboard when i turn it on again to place the new one?
  7. My games description shows "Not Available" When i tried to Refresh Artwork Its automatic right? Though i know about the FSD UI, i dont use it It's because i cant connect my computer and xbox Need Alternatives Please
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